An overlock machine is an indispensable addition to the sewing machine. With an overlock machine you can sew, cut and finish in one go.

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Lewenstein 700DE
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Brother 2104D
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Brother 3034DWT
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Pfaff Admire 1000
Husqvarna Amber S100
Pfaff Hobbylock 2.0
Singer Heavy Duty 0405S
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Singer Elite SE017
Bernette b44
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Juki MO-654DEN
Bernina L450
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Juki MO-204D Kirei
Bernette b48
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Pfaff Hobbylock 2.5
Juki MO-214D Kirei
Juki MO-734 DE
Babylock Enspire
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Bernina L460
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Locker machine can sew, cut and finish in one operation

Buying an overlock machine? Then you have an indispensable addition to your sewing machine. An overlock machine can sew, cut and finish in one operation! It is ideal for fine, thin fabrics, stretch fabric and woven fabrics. You will create the perfect rolled hems, pleats and gathers with the differential feed. This finish is only possible with an overlock machine. When you buy an overlock machine, it finishes everything in one go. This means that an operation such as finishing zig-zagging and often assembling a project can be taken over by an overlock machine.

Always a large stock of cheap overlockers

In our assortment you will always find the latest collection of overlock machines. In addition, all our overlock machines are very competitively priced. So you already have a new overlock machine from € 329,- At you will find overlock machine models for beginners and for the experienced sewers.

Which brand of overlocker will you go for?

An overlock machine is an indispensable addition to the sewing machine. With us you will find overlock machines from various well-known brands. Among others, we sell overlock machine from:


The Babylock isthe first overlock machine with the unique Jet Air threading system. It doesn't get any easier than this!


Want a great overlock machine at an attractive price? No problem at all with one of many models of Bernette overlock machines!


With a Bernina overlock machine you will get perfect results in no time. The innovative features ensure easy operation and guarantee professional quality right down to the very last stitch.


Get more out of your hobby with an overlock with a competitively priced Brother overlock machine. Sew edges, borders and decorative trim for a T-shirt, for example. Convince yourself with the many possibilities.


Since 1921 the name Janome stands for high-quality, powerful and well-priced overlock machines, suitable for every experience level and purpose.


Juki overlock machines have been one of the best-selling overlock machines on the market for years. And for good reason. Juki has been producing overlock machines with the most beautiful stitch for years!


The most popular overlock machine in the Benelux is the Lewenstein 700DE. It is a strong overlock machine that is easy to thread. In addition, it can do both 3 and 4 thread finishing and scroll hemming.


Experience this good generation of Pfaff overlock machines. One-step sewing, trimming, hemming and more for a professional finish on all your projects.

Advice for buying an overlocker

Always look first at what your requirements are for an overlocker. Determine your budget and do you have a brand preference? Before you buy an overlock machine you will of course want to compare a number of good ones. By ticking compare and using the function "compare products" the differences in specifications of the selected overlockers will become visible to you. This way you have all information at a glance. In the store we can of course put all the models you want to see on the table for you to compare with each other and then of course you can try them out.

Why should I buy an overlocker?

Did you know that we sell high-quality overlock machines for the hobby seamstress? This in half the time sews fabric, cuts and finishes your seam?

How about:


If you want to sew professional seams and finish your clothes as nicely as ready-to-wear clothes.


With the lock machines you sew and finish seams twice as fast as with your normal sewing machine.


Lock machines are versatile and can be used for woven, knitted and many other types of fabric.


Open pressed seams and hems so they don't fray. Differential feed feeds stretchy fabrics without stretching or creasing and creates a smooth seam in thin fabrics that gather easily.


A seam sewn with an overlock machine is as elastic as the fabric being used.


Of your work pieces, jackets and other garments with different yarns, threads and ribbons in the grippers. And they can be used with many different decorative techniques to embellish garments for a highly modern and unique wardrobe.


From thin and normal fabrics for home accessories, ruffling or pleating a skirt goes easily and evenly. It is twice as fast and you can also adjust the pleats.

All accessories for an overlocker

Are you looking for an overlock machine accessory? Or is there a part that needs replacement? At we have a wide range of accessories and parts. Everything you need for your overlock machine can be found in the store or our web shop. How about locker machine feet to get more out of it? Expand your overlock thread with multiple colors? We have different brands and prices. How about very good lock thread like Trojalock made by AMANN, or are you rather looking for cheap lock thread? We can supply it all! Or are your needles in need of replacement? We have the right thickness. Does all the dust fall on the floor? A waste bin is the solution! Or a handy overlock bag so the machine is well stored. Easily hang the made clothes on a mannequin in the right size? But also for specific parts such as a foot pedal or blades for the overlock machines; at you will always find the right part.