Embroidery rings

At Huissteden.co.uk you will find a very wide range of embroidery hoops for embroidery machines. We sell these hoops in different sizes and from a number of different brands.

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Brother Innov-is ring 20x60mm
Brother Innov-is ring 100x100mm
Brother Innov-is 100x100mm *replica embroidery hoop
Brother Stellar embroidery hoop 100x100mm
Brother Innov-is Metal Hoop 100x100mm *Replica
Brother Innov-is ring 180x130mm
Brother Innov-is 180x130mm *replica embroidery hoop
Brother Stellar embroidery hoop 180x130mm
Brother Innov-is Magnetic ring 180x130mm
Brother Innov-is Metal Hoop 180x130mm *Replica
Special Price 65.00 Regular Price 85.00
Brother Innov-is ring 150x150mm
Special Price 109.00 Regular Price 119.00
Brother Innov-is 150x150mm *replica embroidery hoop
Brother Innov-is ring 200x200mm
Out of stock
Brother Stellar embroidery hoop 240x240mm
Brother Innov-is ring 260x160mm
Out of stock
Brother Innov-is ring 300x180mm
Brother Innov-is 300x180mm *replica embroidery hoop
Brother Innov-is ring 300x200mm

Embroidery hoops for your embroidery machine

If you are looking for a different size hoop for your embroidery machine? We sell all types of hoops for the brands Pfaff, Bernina, Husqvarna and, of course, Brother. With our extensive hoop selection, you can easily choose the right model of hoop for your brand of machine. Depending on your project size, it is imperative to use the right hoop with sizes ranging from small, medium, large and extra large to a magnet hoop. Completing a small bib or a large tablecloth, using the right hoop size is the way to get the desired result, which is why the Huissteden.nl website is a great way to browse a wide range of embroidery hoops and brands.

Whether your embroidery machine is for personal use or a small business, our hoops for embroidery machines are sure to make the job easier and more efficient.

Brother embroidery hoopsBrother
has many types of embroidery hoops to meet your embroidery needs.

Bernina hoops
A suitable hoop for every idea from large to small embroidery areas. For embroidery modules with size S, M, and L.

Husqvarna hoops
A variety of hoop sizes, from mini to large, are at your disposal for creating beautiful embroidery designs

Pfaff embroidery hoops
With Pfaff creative hoops, you can expand the creative possibilities of your embroidery machine and achieve the most professional results

What is an embroidery hoop?

Want to know more about our embroidery hoops? Embroidery sewing machines come with embroidery hoops that attach to embroidery machines. Places the fabric in an embroidery hoop, stabilization and tightness are important. Unlike manual embroidery, the fabric must remain in the same position while the embroidery machine embroiders the design

If you would like to learn more about embroidery hoops and the many other products we sell at Huissteden.nl, we encourage you to take a look at our website. You can find detailed information about each product we sell on the site. You can also always contact us if you have any questions about a particular product. We can also give you advice on how best to use our products. It is also possible to visit us in our store, where we can talk to you and answer all your questions. You can also see the products in real life.

What else do you need with an embroidery hoop?

If you are just starting with machine embroidery, of course you need an embroidery machine and the corresponding hoop! Nowadays there are so many different brands of sewing machines for embroidery. Apart from the embroidery machine, the most important things needed for successful machine embroidery are always choose the finest embroidery thread with the right needle, a suitable bobbin with under thread, a good embroidery fleece and hoop to keep the fabric flat