Vlieseline is indispensable for all types of applications such as seams, edges, hems, ribbons, loops, appliques, patchwork and quilting - with Vlieseline everything is easier.

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Vliesofix, textile adhesive tape
Vliesofix textile adhesive tape, advantage pack
Vliesofix, adhesive fleece
Vliesofix, adhesive fleece large packaging
Vlieseline adhesive, hem tape
Vlieseline Blind Hem Tape, white
Vlieseline Blind Hem Tape, Black
Vlieseline Stretchfix T30
Vlieseline fusible interfacing, white
Vlieseline fusible interfacing, gray/black
Seam tape iron-on, white
Seam tape iron-on, black
Vlieseline Lace tape, 2cm
Seam tape T15 elastic iron-on, white
Seam tape T15 elastic iron-on, black
Vlieseline shape band, white
Vlieseline shape band, black

Vlieseline for stabilization

What makes vlieseline products so special? For starters, vlieseline has been indispensable for all types of applications for over 60 years. The high-quality and process-safe interlinings are the basis for perfect solutions in a wide variety of industries. Whether you need an interlining for skirts, pants, jackets or blouses - with nonwoven lining you are guaranteed an optimal result. Moreover, all our products are manufactured using environmentally friendly methods and processes, so you can choose with confidence. Store now and see the difference vlieseline can make!

Firming and non-wovens
Some pieces in garments need to be made shape-retaining. Then the clothing fits better. Think, for example, of cuffs, collars, trim pieces, pocket flaps, and so on. The sewing instructions for your pattern usually tell you exactly which pattern pieces should be reinforced and which should not.
There are fusible interfacing and non-adhesive interfacing. The fusible interfacing is ironed onto the fabric and the non-adhesive interfacing is attached to the wrong side of the fabric or sewn into the seam. The adhesive stabilizer is the nicest to work with. It is the most commonly sold. But on some fabrics, the adhesive stabilizer does not hold well. For example, if the fabric has an irregular structure. In that case you should use non-adhesive stabilizer.

Seam tape
Use to reinforce the seam of thin and stretchy fabrics before stitching the pieces together. This prevents the seam from lubbing or pulling. Also suitable for use along lapels, collars, bevels or lapels. Seam tape is also used as reinforcement for buttonholes. The black and white seam tape is ironable.

Shape tape
To give round and beveled edges more shape, you can use shape tape made of fusible webbing. It is a fusible tape 12 mm wide and stitched on 4 mm from the edge. Simply attach to the fabric with the iron before sewing for a perfect result. shape band is available in white or black.
Get inspired what great creations you can make yourself with vlieseline products.