Janome foot pedal


Unfortunately sometimes a Janome foot pedal of your sewing machine breaks down. Huissteden.nl is the dealer for all Janome footpedals.

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Power cable 2.8m long
Janome 2000 to 5000 series Foot Pedal
Janome Lew. 3000 to 1100 series Foot Pedal
Janome electronic foot pedal
Janome mechanical foot pedal
Janome 2000 to 1100 series Foot Pedal
Janome Foot Pedal Large
Janome Thread cutter pedal

Janome foot control always a good price

A Janome foot pedal is the most loose sold part of a sewing machine. Foot pedals can still malfunction when the Janome sewing machine gets older, usually there are no loose parts available and the whole foot pedal is replaced. Huissteden.nl has several Janome foot pedals in stock, always check if the picture matches the plug of your Janome sewing machine.

Connecting a Janome foot control

Before turning on the Janome sewing machine check that the main switch is off, the symbol "O" on a switch indicates the "off" position of the switch. Then insert plug into socket on machine. Then insert plug into socket. Turn on the sewing machine using the switch on the side of the Janome sewing machine.

Foot Resistance

You control the sewing speed with the foot resistance. The deeper you press the pedal, the faster your machine sews.

Note: Do not place anything on the foot pedal or the janome sewing machine will accidentally run.

Looking for a foot pedal for another brand of sewing machine?

We sell all makes and models of foot pedals. So we have a wide range of sewing machine foot pedals, Whatever you are looking for, Huissteden.nl has it!