Lock yarn

Lock thread is specially designed for overlock machines that the thread can be processed at a high speed. Lock yarn is available in different brands, colors, quality and prices.

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Lock Yarn White
Serafil 1000
Special Price 10.95 Regular Price 14.95
Trojalock 1000, Off white
Seraflock 1000
Special Price 4.95 Regular Price 6.05
Gütermann Bulky-Lock, Col. 800 white
Gütermann Multicolour Bulky-Lock, Col. 9822
Special Price 6.50 Regular Price 7.50
Seracor 2000 white
Special Price 5.50 Regular Price 6.95
Babylock Metallic Bulk Lock, Col. 502
Madeira Decora 1401
Madeira Cotona 2405
Gütermann Multicolour Bulky-Lock, Col. 9814
Special Price 6.50 Regular Price 7.50
 Madeira Decora 1583
Storage box for 20 Lock yarns
Serafil 0329
Special Price 10.95 Regular Price 14.95
Serafil 0326
Special Price 10.95 Regular Price 14.95
Seraflock 0337
Special Price 4.95 Regular Price 6.05
Seraflock 4000 black
Special Price 4.95 Regular Price 6.05
Trojalock 4000, Black

How to use lock thread

An overlock machine with the perfect results needs not only skill, but also the right lock thread. Of course, you may also use sewing thread. In fact, for sewing thread, some threads are excellent.

You can recognize lock thread at first sight. Namely, by the rolls. Unlike sewing thread, they have a conical shape. In addition, the rolls are thicker. Lock thread differs from normal sewing thread in several ways. By comparison, it is thinner - For this reason, it is also less tear-resistant. Indeed, the processing method provides the necessary stretching and tear resistance to the seams. Therefore, the sewing result owes its durability to a loop. You can buy lock thread made of cotton, as well as mixed fibers or polyester. In turn, the thickness of the fibers also affects the durability. If you want to buy lock yarn, you can choose from different types. Besides standard lock yarn, we also have in our range Seracor high quality yarn, Serafil multi-colored yarn, Seraflock highly elastic lock yarn, Madiera Cotona and Decora are thick for decorative yarn. Lock machines are very robust, therefore all types of yarns are suitable for use, they are kind of all eaters. The yarn spool does need to be straight and firm on the pin, and the opening at the bottom is a little wider, so the yarn is more stable on the spool and unwinds smoothly. If the spool is not positioned properly then this can cause problems.

Which lock yarn should I have?

The commonly used thickness of lock yarn is 40/2. The first number indicates the thickness of the yarn and the second number behind the slash indicates the number of yarns into which the yarn is twisted. Lock yarn is available in different lengths, which can be a run-through length of about 2700m to about 5000m.lock thread is usually made of polyester because this material has the best properties. It does not tear easily and has fewer irregularities and lumps. Thus, the polyester has a positive impact on the durability of the seam and on the overall sewing result

Cheap locking thread

The cheap lock threadwe offer is made of 100% Polyester. Available in a range of basic and fashion colors, this thread is also excellent for general locking with an overlocker.


The all-rounder of a very high quality is the Amann Seracor lock thread. It is used with all lock stitches on your overlocker with excellent seam elasticity.


Serafil lock thread has thickness No.120 is a semi-transparent Polyester lock thread. It is perfect for creating fine, almost invisible seams on fabrics. Serfafil has exceptionally smooth properties, guarantees strong, almost invisible seams.


The Seraflock lock yarn thickness No.120 Polyester, Multifilament lock yarn. It is a particularly elastic and gives very good results on any fabric with stretch in it. Ideal for lingerie, swimwear and sportswear.

Gütermann Bulky lock

The Gütermann Bulky Lock thread with thickness No.80 is made of 100% Polyester. bulky thread is a particularly elastic yarn and gives very good results on heavy to medium weight fabrics.

Madiera Cotona

Madeira Cotona thickness No.4 is an Egyptian cotton lock yarn, which is 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton and gives a nice decorative effect when used in the top looper.

Madiera Decora

Madeira Decora thickness No.6 of Rayon Polyester locker thread. It is a thicker thread specially designed to give beautiful decorative effects. A soft, silky multi-stranded thread for use in the upper grippers of your locker, this gives beautiful decorative edges with a standard overlock stitch, flatlock, coverstitch or rolled hem.

What else can you use with an overlock machine

Looking for something other than overlock thread? We offer a wide range of accessories and parts for different brands of overlock machines. To tidy up everything around your overlock machine it is useful to have a sewing box. Or how about overlocker feet so you can get more out of the machine? Then you must have them in stock. or a handy locker bag so it is well stored. But also for specific parts such as a foot pedal or lock blades for the overlock machines, at Huissteden.nl you will always find everything.