Fabric Scissors

Fabric shears come in many different shapes and sizes. There is a lot of quality difference in the blades due to the steel used for them.

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Kai N5100 embroidery cutter
Kai N5100C embroidery scissors with curved tip
Kai N5100B embroidery scissors curved
Kai N5120 ring finger scissors
Kai N5125 wire cutters
Kai N5135 embroidery scissors
Kai N5165 sewing scissors
Kai N5165C sewing scissors with curved tip
Kai N5165SE sewing scissors with micro toothing
Kai N5210 fabric scissors
Kai N5210SE fabric shears with micro toothing
Kai N5210L fabric scissors Left-handed
Kai N5230 fabric scissors
Kai N5150MPW multi shears
Kai N5250 fabric scissors
Kai N5275 fabric scissors
Kai N5350 Knurl Shears
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Kai 7205 tailoring scissors

Best fabric shears for the best price

Maybe you have not been sewing clothes and/or other items for long. Buying certain supplies is then difficult. It can then be difficult because you do not yet know what items you need to purchase in order to do this properly. And that is not strange at all, you have to discover what you find easy. There are items that are often forgotten when it comes to sewing and crafts. Fabric scissors are one such item. Common scissors are often used when cutting. Whereas fabric scissors are sharper, and work a lot easier. Fabric scissors are an indispensable item for the bin of sewing supplies

Differences between fabric scissors and regular scissors

The first difference between these scissors is their sharpness. Fabric scissors are much sharper than regular scissors. Cutting fabric with ordinary scissors can be slow and difficult, and this can cause a lot of irritation. Especially if you want to finish something in a certain amount of time, this can be annoying. In contrast, fabric scissors are made specifically for cutting fabric. Understandably, cutting fabric goes a lot smoother with these scissors. Because the cutting is smoother, you can cut much neater and more precisely. When cutting with normal scissors, it can still sometimes falter, and this can cause unsightly edges. After purchasing sharp fabric scissors, you won't want to go back to faltering, hard-to-cut regular scissors.

Many benefits of good dust scissors

Buying fabric scissors is therefore recommended if you sew or are going to start sewing. It's best to invest in a good quality pair of scissors that are sharp and therefore last a long time. There are several brands that have high quality fabric scissors in their range. There are various fabric scissors in various sizes. Therefore, look carefully at the description of the fabric shears you buy. It is important to know that dust shears are only for fabric. If you start cutting with dust shears in paper, for example, it will make for blunt scissors. And that's a shame of investing in a good pair of fabric scissors. It's best to put these scissors with the sewing supplies, that way you can't accidentally switch the scissors. Since the fabric scissors are only made for fabric, cutting in fabric with these is a delightful job. In the end, you will have a lot of benefit and pleasure after purchasing these scissors. An item that is a favorite of many.

What fabric scissors we sell a lot

Fabric scissors

Fabric scissors are designed for cutting fabric on a flat surface and can be easily recognized by the large handle on the scissors which is at an angle to the blade; this keeps the blade flat on the table during fabric cutting. A fabric cutter with a rubber handle is easy and especially long lasting to hold. The length of the blade of good fabric scissors can range from 20 to 30 cm.

Embroidery scissors scissors

A small pair of embroidery scissors has a razor-sharp fine tip and is for very fine cutting. It is intended for trimming thread ends close to the fabric and effortlessly cutting in or out seams.

Electric Scissors

These electric scissors are for straightforward work or cutting out shapes and patterns. This updated model is extra light and prevents fatigue while cutting (ideal for rheumatic complaints).

Wire cutter

The wire cutter is designed for cutting wires and works with a spring mechanism. The wire cutter can be tremendously practical. You let it hang on your ring finger all the time, so this scissor is ready for use. This course of action does require some experience.

Jagged scissors

A serrated scissors has a blade with triangular teeth and produces a zigzag pattern in the fabric. A useful tool for lining and low fraying fabrics that should not fray further. For example, to finish seams or to make a decorative edge on dense materials such as felt, leather or suede.

Application scissors

With application shears you can easily cut away excess fabric. The specially shaped underside of the scissors prevents you from cutting into the fabric. This allows you to cut very close to the stitching line without damaging the other layer.

What are good fabric scissors brands?

The three top brands it we sell the most are, Prym, Kai and Hengels, all exceptional brands that produce high-quality scissors. Huissteden.nl has an extensive number of models of these top fabric scissors in our collection. We have a large stock on hand so we can deliver your favorite scissors quickly. In our assortment you will always find the latest collection of fabric scissors which are also always very competitively priced

Prym fabric scissors

Prym brand scissors are popular scissors with seamstresses, appreciated for their high quality, which is reflected in material and workmanship. A Prym fabric scissors feels sturdy and the cutting of the blades is perfect and durable. A pair of fabric scissors from Prym guarantees a long life.

Kai fabric scissors

The Kai brand offers the widest range of prices from very inexpensive to relatively expensive. Made in Japan, they offer the widest range of Kai scissors that go far beyond sewing, quilting or embroidery and are leaders in quality scissors.


Henckels is another brand of high quality scissors almost exclusively designed for sewing and quilting. The scissors are made of stainless steel, Henckels generally has only slightly more expensive models, which are also the most reliable in terms of performance.