Embroidery thread

The best quality embroidery thread with the most beautiful colors for professional embroidery results. Choose from over 1000 different colors from different brands.

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Madeira classic 1000
Special Price 5.35 Regular Price 6.95
Madeira Rayon 1000 1000m
Special Price 6.50 Regular Price 7.95
Madeira Rayon 1000 200m
Special Price 2.95 Regular Price 3.85
Madeira Polyneon 1800, black
Special Price 3.95 Regular Price 5.60
Isacord 0020, black
Special Price 4.95 Regular Price 6.75
Isacord 0020 5000m
Madeira Metallic sparkling 70, 200m
Special Price 4.95 Regular Price 5.55
Madeira Frosted matt 7844
Brother 900
Madeira Metallic brilliant alu, 1000m
Special Price 12.95 Regular Price 15.30
Madeira Metallic brilliant alu, 200m
Special Price 4.95 Regular Price 5.55
Madeira Rayon yarn box 18x200m
Brother 001
Madeira Frosted matt 7801
Out of stock
Madeira Metallic sparkling 300, 200m
Special Price 4.95 Regular Price 5.55
Madeira Metallic brilliant silver, 1000m
Special Price 12.95 Regular Price 15.30
Madeira Rayon yarn box 80x200m
Special Price 195.00 Regular Price 235.00
Mettler Poly Sheen 8x200m

Embroidery thread

Embroidery is a fun pastime and a great way to decorate fabric. For embroidery you need a few things, such as an embroidery needle, embroidery thread and possibly an embroidery machine. What projects can and cannot you use embroidery thread for? And what kinds of thread are for sale? At Huissteden you will find embroidery thread in more than a thousand colors from different brands and materials.

What to use embroidery thread for

Embroidery thread is a special kind of thread intended for embroidery. It differs in thickness from sewing thread and has more luster. Embroidery thread is used for embroideries that can be made both by hand and with an embroidery machine. Use embroidery thread only for detailed works and not to make seams in clothing. Because the thread is thinner, it breaks faster and therefore it is less suitable for making clothes. Use the embroidery thread for what it is meant for: to create beautiful embroideries.

The advantage of embroidery thread

Why use special embroidery thread instead of regular sewing thread? The advantage of embroidery thread is that it is finer and thinner than sewing thread, which is ideal for embroideries. It allows you to create a more detailed work with a nicer look. Most types of embroidery thread have more luster than sewing thread, which creates a beautiful effect. You would like your embroidery to stand out and be vibrant, and special embroidery thread is the easiest way to achieve this effect.

What to look for when buying embroidery thread

When you buy embroidery thread, make sure you buy a type of thread that suits your embroidery. For example, some types of embroidery thread have a higher luster, higher strength or have special effects. Depending on your purpose, choose the right kind. If you plan to embroider an embroidery machine, choose special bobbin thread that comes in different thicknesses. Of course, you also pay attention to the available colors and preferably use the same type of thread for one embroidery, so that the work forms a nice whole.

The different kinds of embroidery floss

The most popular type of embroidery thread that can be used for almost any type of embroidery is rayon embroidery thread. You use this thread for hand and machine embroidery. Another option is polyester embroidery thread, which is very similar to rayon. Polyester is more durable but has less luster. For finer material, cotton embroidery thread is a good choice because it has a fine thread. For accents and embellishments, you can use metallic or special effect embroidery thread. Do you have an embroidery machine? Then you can use bobbin thread.