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Is your bobbin case in need of replacement? We sell bobbin housings from brands such as Bernina, Brother, Bernette, Husqvarna, Juki, Pfaff and Singer.

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Universal CB spool housing
Bernina CB standard bobbin case
Bernina Cordonnet bobbin case
Bernina Rotary Standard Bobbin Case
Bernina rotary embroidery bobbin case
Bernina 400/500/700 series bobbin case ▲
Bernina 400/500/700 Cordonnet bobbin case ▲
Bernina 400/500/700 High thread tension spool housing ▲
Bernina 710/750/780 bobbin case
Bernina 710/750/780 Cordonnet bobbin case
Pfaff standard metal bobbin case
Pfaff old model standard metal bobbin case
Pfaff Creative bobbin case C/D/E/F/G
Pfaff standard bobbin case (J)
Pfaff Creative bobbin case (J)
Pfaff Icon and Husqvarna Epic bobbin case
Pfaff Ambition 1.0-2.0/essential/Smarter bobbin case
Pfaff Ambition 610/620/630 bobbin case

Want to buy a sewing machine bobbin case?

A bobbin case for a sewing machine has a very important function regarding thread tension. The bobbin case also provides the proper tension to the thread on the bobbin. If the bobbin case of your sewing machine is broken, it is an annoying problem. You can then replace the bobbin case so that you can continue making you creations with your sewing machine without further problems.

When you want to work with special thicker, decorative threads, it is recommended to take an extra bobbin case where you can adjust the thread tension as you wish without changing your standard bobbin case for regular sewing. For quilting or meandering, special bobbin housings are available for some brands.

Adjusting the tension of the bobbin case

If you want to adjust the tension on the bobbin case, it is sometimes useful to have a basic knowledge to solve any tension adjustment in the bobbin case.

The bobbin case settings set by the manufacturer work well for many machines. However, it is impossible for the tension to always be ideal. Many factors, such as the weight of the thread, how high the top tension is, and the type of fabric, often change the tension needed. It is not unusual for people to have more than one bobbin case because of these variable differences.

You can easily adjust a bobbin case yourself! To do this, turn the slotted screw with a small flathead screwdriver, turn counterclockwise and the tension will be lower. Turning clockwise tightens the tension. Always turn this by a quarter lighter or heavier and then test how the tension is with sewing. If you turn the screw too much or apply too much force in either direction, you may damage the bobbin case. If damaged, the bobbin case may not hold the correct tension.

Other sewing machine parts

Finding other parts for your sewing machine is easy on our website. On our site we have a large selection of different types of sewing machine parts. Almost everything you need for your sewing machine can be found in our web shop. Is the stitch plate damaged then that can cause thread breakage! Does the foot control no longer react? Then you can't use your sewing machine either. Lost your bobbin case cover? We also have this. A sewing machine foot is an indispensable part on your machine, these are available in different types. In short, for sewing machine parts you have come to the right place!