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A foot pedal is to control the speed. Foot pedal for all brands with different connections.

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Power cable 2.8m long
Universal loose foot pedal
Special Price 25.00 Regular Price 30.00
Singer foot pedal with 3 contact points
Singer foot pedal 200/300/400 series
Singer air pedal, small model
Singer air pedal, large model
Singer 300/600 series foot pedal
Out of stock
Singer foot pedal with 5 contact points
Singer 1000 to 9000 series Foot Pedal
Singer foot pedal 14h
Singer foot pedal overlock machine
Singer 7000/Futura/Quantum/XL foot pedal
Pfaff Foot Pedal 800/900
Pfaff Foot Pedal 1520-6152
Pfaff Foot Pedal 2010-2170
Pfaff tiptronic -creative pedal 1067-7570
Pfaff Ambition 1.0/2.0-Passport foot pedal
Pfaff Ambition 600 series foot pedal

Buy Foot Pedal

Buy a foot pedal for a sewing or overlock machine? For a machine you obviously need a foot pedal, but due to wear and tear or dropping them they can break. With us you can buy the right new foot pedal so you can get on with the machine again, we have all kinds of connections for you machine.

Foot pedal sewing speed adjustment

The foot pedal is used to start and stop the machine. In addition, the sewing speed is controlled using the foot pedal. The sewing speed is controlled by pressing harder or softer on the foot resistance.

Foot pedal sewing machine does not work properly

Are you also making large projects, or are you just hemming pants, a sewing machine can be incredibly useful. A common problem with sewing machines is that the foot pedal often stops working properly. Here are some tips for fixing your foot pedal problems. Unplug the foot pedal. Check the foot pedal cord for cracks, breaks or that loose wires can be seen, this because it can be one of the possible reason why the foot pedal is not working. If this problem occurs then you can purchase a separate pedal cord from some brands. The foot pedal can also get very hot. This can happen when you use the foot pedal after a long time in a row. When you feel this, it is best to let the pedal cool down for a while.

Which foot pedal model is for my machine?

If the foot pedal for your machine has disappeared or is no longer working properly? Then it's time to buy another foot pedal to make sure you can operate your sewing machine properly again. Make sure you order the right foot pedal for the right make and model of sewing machine or overlock machine since not all machines have the same foot pedal. We have all kinds of foot pedals for sewing machine in our assortment. You can see below that there are many models of foot pedals available. In our wide sewing machine foot pedal assortment at you will therefore find different brands. Always look for the connection that goes into the foot pedal on your sewing machine to be the same as the one on your sewing machine.

these brands have specific models of foot pedals

Repair foot pedal

It is often not possible to repair a foot pedal, because spare parts for an old foot pedal are often not available anymore. We often recommend buying a complete foot pedal with cable, so you do not have to change the cables yourself.

Does a universal foot pedal fit any brand of sewing machine?

A universal foot pedal does not fit all brands of sewing machines. Many brands work with their own system resistance pedal that only works on that brand, will you then put a universal pedal on then the motor can break down. So always be careful what you buy. We always advise you to buy an original foot control for your sewing machine to avoid problems. If in doubt whether your machine is suitable, please contact us. Call 0342 - 491 591 or email us We will contact you as soon as possible.