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Is your Singer foot control broken? Unfortunately, sometimes a Singer foot pedal of your sewing machine breaks down. is the dealer especially your Singer foot pedals.

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Singer foot pedal with 3 contact points
Singer foot pedal with 5 contact points
Singer 300/600 series foot pedal
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Singer foot pedal 14h
Singer 1000 to 9000 series Foot Pedal
Singer foot pedal overlock machine
Singer foot pedal 200/300/400 series
Singer air pedal, small model
Singer air pedal, large model
Singer 7000/Futura/Quantum/XL foot pedal
Singer foot pedal C-8000
mechanical foot pedal
Power cable 2.8m long

Singer foot pedal for the right sewing machine

A singer foot pedal is an important part of the sewing machine. It allows you to control the speed and power of the machine with your feet. If your foot pedal malfunctions, it can affect the performance of your machine. We have replacement pedals for most current models. Remember to check and properly store your machines' power cords and foot pedals. Singer strongly recommends that its customers do this to avoid serious injury or death.

Connecting foot pedal to your Singer sewing machine

Before connecting your Singer sewing machine, check that the values given in volts and hertz (230V - 50Hz) match the electrical connections at your home.

Place the sewing machine on a stable surface. If necessary, adjust the stability of the machine by turning the adjusting screw at the bottom. If you stand the sewing machine on varnished furniture, place a non-slip pad under the sewing machine.

Make sure the main switch is in the 0 = off position.
Insert the coupling plug into the plug housing of the sewing machine and the mains plug into the socket.

Now the motor and light can be turned on when the main switch is in position I = on.

The foot pedal is used to control the sewing speed. The deeper you press the foot pedal the faster the machine works. When you release the foot pedal, the machine stops automatically.
When the

Looking for a foot pedal for another brand?

We sell all brands and models of foot pedals. So we have a wide range of sewing machine foot pedals, Whatever you are looking for, has it!