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With the right Bernina hoop you embroider with more precision. Find the right hoop for your embroidery machine here.

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Bernina embroidery hoop small 50/72
Bernina embroidery hoop medium 100/130
Bernina embroidery hoop oval 145/255
Special Price 87.30 Regular Price 97.00
Bernina megahoop 150/400
Special Price 225.00 Regular Price 247.00
Bernina Medium clamp embroidery hoop
Special Price 210.00 Regular Price 229.00
Bernina Small clamp embroidery hoop
Bernina Embroidery Frame Midi 265/165mm
Special Price 335.00 Regular Price 365.00
Bernina L embroidery hoop for free arm
Special Price 279.00 Regular Price 339.00
Bernina Maxi hoop 400/210
Special Price 338.00 Regular Price 378.00
Bernina Jumbo hoop 400/260
Special Price 374.00 Regular Price 414.00
Bernina Hoop 'N' Buddyz embroidery hoop
Bernina clips for embroidery stencils
Bernina fabric clip

Bernina hoops in all sizes

If you have a Bernina embroidery machine there are of course Bernina hoops included but sometimes just not the right size! Bernina has a wide range of hoops from small to large embroidery areas, whether you want a small 50x72mm embroidery area or extra large like the jumbo hoop of 40x21mm, with the Bernina hoops you can go either way. Bernina embroidery machines produce stunning embroidery results that are easily hooped by simply attaching and detaching the outer hoops.

Below are the embroidery hoops for your Bernina embroidery machine for embroidery modules size S, M and L from our collection. If you are not sure which Bernina embroidery hoop fits your embroidery machine, please check the product text which lists the Bernina embroidery machines suitable for that hoop.

small hoop
With a maximum embroidery area of 50 x 72mm, it is ideally suited for small embroidery designs and free-arm embroidery.

Medium hoop
Medium hoop with a max embroidery area of 100 x 130mm is ideal for medium-sized embroidery projects.

Oval hoop
The large oval hoop has a maximum embroidery area of 145 x 255mm and is ideal for large embroidery designs. It is also ideal for combining several small designs.

Mega hoop
The Mega hoop with max. embroidery area 150 x 400mm is a professional quality hoop for embroidering extra-large designs, combined designs and borders.

Hoop 'N' Buddyz
Using the insert for hoop Hoop 'N' Buddyz makes it easy to embroider caps as well as smooth or difficult-to-embroider fabrics.

Bernina embroidery hoops with ergonomic twist-lock mechanism

The "twist-lock" mechanism makes it super easy to tension the fabric in the embroidery hoop. By 2 push buttons on the side of the twist-lock, the hoop releases and the hoop is opened again.
The Bernina Midi embroidery hoop of 265 x 165mm offers the same comfort and accuracy as the Maxi and Jumbo embroidery frames and is ideal for medium-sized embroidery designs.

Maxi hoop
The large Bernina Maxi hoop with a maximum embroidery area of 210 x 400 mm lets you create special and extra-large embroidery designs, combined designs and decorative borders.

embroidery hoop Jumbo
The embroidery hoop Bernina jumbo with max embroidery area 260 x 400mm is ideally suited for oversized embroidery projects. It is particularly suitable for extra-large embroidery designs, combinations of designs and decorative borders

How to attach and remove Bernina hoops

When you want to attach or remove Bernina embroidery hoops, push both fixing mechanisms towards each other and push the hoop on or lift the hoop to remove it

  1. Raise the needle and embroidery foot and slide the hoop under the foot. The needle should be in the highest position when attaching the hoop to avoid snagging the fabric and/or bending the needle.
  2. Hold both fixing mechanisms (1) of the hoop toward each other.
  3. Place the center point of the hoop (small attachment clips) over the bracket of the embroidery arm (2).
  4. Push down until it clicks into place; then release the hoop attachment mechanism.