Sewing Machines

Whether you are looking for a professional sewing machine or a sewing machine for beginners Huissteden has a wide range of sewing machines from different brands in different price ranges.

A-brand sewing machines for low prices

In our sewing machine range you will not only find a very large choice of different models, but also an extensive choice of different A-brand sewing machines. We always have almost all models in stock. You will find among others the brands Bernette, Bernina, Brother, Janome, Pfaff and Singer. If you buy a new sewing machine online with us, you will often have it delivered the next working day! Buying a new sewing machine is easy online at We have all popular brands for you. Whether you come for a small children's sewing machine, want to finish everything with an overlock machine, make the most beautiful quilts on a quilting machine or like to embroider with an embroidery machine with us you are always at the right place.

Why should I buy my own sewing machine

Actually it is a very big advantage if you have your own sewing machine at home. If something breaks and you have to take it to the tailor, you always lose your clothes for a while and not to mention, it always costs a lot of money. If you have your own sewing machine at home you can make it right when you want it and how you want it. Often a seam or something breaks when you put it on. Just put the sewing machine on the table and you can quickly put your clothes back on.
Yet another advantage is if you are in sewing class, you can work there and at home on the same sewing machine so you learn to master your machine faster but also all the stitching is the same in the homemade garment.
Making your own clothes or accessories with the sewing machine often has the advantage that it is unique, you have made it completely to your own taste and idea. So there is often only 1 of it and not like from the store 12 in a dozen. These are just some of the advantages of having your own sewing machine at home. Who knows once you have your own sewing machine you may become very creative and being creative is fun for everyone. From something often comes something and who knows, you might even inspire others.

What to look out for when buying a sewing machine

  • To start choosing, go ahead and see if you want a mechanical or electronic machine. The biggest difference between a mechanical or electronic machine is, with mechanical you really have to set all the settings yourself. Both stitch length and stitch width. With an electronically controlled machine, the sewing machine itself gives a default setting that you can of course always change to your own choice.

  • There are many different sewing machines; some with many stitches and others with few. There are functional stitches and decorative stitches. Someone who only repairs clothes is not likely to use decorative stitches. But if a lot of jeans are being repaired, it is wise to pick a sewing machine with a heavier motor. Of course, these sewing machines with a heavier motor are available in both mechanical and electronic versions. Electronic sewing machines often have many more decorative stitches than mechanical ones.

  • If you make a lot of buttonholes, a 1-step buttonhole is very useful. You will usually find these on an electronic sewing machine. Nothing is easier than that once you set the right size of you buttonhole, sew the same size on your garment every time.

  • Nowadays, there are different bobbin systems: Top lying and on the front of the sewing machine, the so called CB gripper. The bobbin that is on the front is always in a bobbin gripper. If you want to replace it because it is empty or you are going to sew with a different color, always remove the bobbin and the gripper from the sewing machine together. With the top-mounted bobbin, only remove the bobbin from the sewing machine if you want to change it for another color or if it is empty to rewind it. With a sewing machine with a bobbin on top you can always very easily see if there is still enough bobbin thread on it.

  • What is also very useful and what can be found on more and more sewing machines is the automatic thread-threader. Even if your vision is still good, this is very useful for getting the thread through the small hole of the needle. there are several variations of this. Surely each brand has its own system some work a little easier than others.

Which sewing machine should I buy

Do you want to buy a new sewing machine, but have no idea where to start looking? Are you going for a high-end sewing machine or would you rather look at cheap sewing machine? Whatever you are going to buy, you always look for the sewing machine that suits you best right now.


Bernette sewing machine is part of Bernina and therefore guarantees top quality! All Bernette sewing machines have an affordable price.


If you go for top quality then you choose a Bernina sewing machine. Bernina has been a progressive sewing machine manufacturer worldwide for over 120 years. Bernina is in a slightly higher price segment.


If you go for a Brother sewing machine, you will definitely succeed! They have very good sewing machines in all price ranges in their collection. So are you a beginner, advanced or professional sewer Brother has it for you.

Husqvarna Viking

The more creative the idea, the more important the right Husqvarna Viking sewing machine is.
In our extensive range of Husqvarna sewing machines you will find the sewing machine individually tailored to your needs.


Janome belongs to the largest sewing machine manufacturer in the world. Especially in Asia and America, Janome is very big with the sewing machine. They are known for high quality and reliability in different prices.


Pfaff is known with the IDT system (Built-in Dual Transport) That ensures absolutely even fabric transport from top and bottom. Pfaff sewing machine has a wide range of sewing machines in different price ranges.


Who does not know Singer? The most famous sewing machine brand in the world. Singer sewing machine is a brand that is in the lower price range.

Buy a sewing machine at Huissteden

Wide and complete range of sewing machines

At Huissteden in Barneveld you will find sewing machines of all well-known brands, such as Bernina, Pfaff, Husqvarna, Singer, Brother and Janome. When buying a sewing machine most people first look at the price. As well as what stitches the sewing machine has. At you have a wide choice and you always get good advice and the best service. With our store in Barneveld in the middle of the Netherlands you can always reach our store, or order on

Accessories for your sewing machine

Do you want a suitable sewing machine accessory for your own creative ideas? Or is a part in need of replacement? At we have a huge range of different types of sewing accessories. Everything you need for your sewing machine can be found in our webshop. How about sewing machine feet? Or would you like to enlarge your work surface with an extension table? for all colors of sewing thread that you can store nicely in a sewing box? Do you want more bobbins or a handy trolley so you don't have to lift the sewing machine? Do you need sewing machine needles? Or are you looking for a specific part such as a foot pedal, stitch plate, bobbin case or light? At you will always find the right part. Besides the accessories specifically for your sewing machine we also have nice other accessories which can be very convenient next to the sewing machine. How about a good pair of fabric scissors or a mannequin so you can make your own clothes perfectly to size. You can also find a very wide range of Prym haberdashery.
If you are going for something more creative, discover the Brother ScanNCut The world's first home and hobby cutting machines with a built-in scanner!

Always assured of top service

Not for nothing have top brands chosen Huissteden Barneveld as their authorized dealer. Not only for advice on your favorite sewing machine, but also for the service after your purchase. You can always expect top quality service at, regardless of the price and the brand of the sewing machine. Did you know that you can also schedule service or maintenance by phone?

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Welke naaimachine is geschikt voor beginners?

Als u wilt leren naaien, maar weinig ervaring heeft en nog niet weet of het ook iets voor u is, zijn er verschillende instapmodellen. De Viking Emerald 116 of 118 van Husqvarna en de 140S, 160S en de 260C van de Smarter by Pfaff serie zijn hiervoor goede keuzes. Met deze modellen kunt u gebruik maken van alle benodigde functies en betrouwbaarheid die u van een naaimachine mag verwachten. Daarnaast heeft u ook de keuze tussen mechanische en computergestuurde varianten. Hiermee bent u voor minder dan zeshonderd euro voorzien van een naaimachine om het naaivak te leren.

Welke naaimachine is de beste?

Er zijn verschillende factoren die kunnen bepalen welke naaimachine het beste aansluit op uw wensen. Bij Huissteden hebben we een ruim assortiment aan naaimachines van diverse kwaliteitsmerken in verschillende prijscategorieën, die ieder voorzien zijn van unieke kenmerken. Komt u er zelf niet aan uit welke naaimachine het beste past bij uw verwachtingen? Neem dan gerust contact op met onze klantenservice. Onze vakkundige collega’s staan klaar om al uw vragen te beantwoorden en u te adviseren bij het maken van uw keuze voor de beste naaimachine. Wij zijn telefonisch en per email bereikbaar, maar uiteraard bent u ook van harte welkom in onze winkel Huissteden Barneveld.

Wat kost een naaimachine?

Prijzen voor een naaimachine kunnen behoorlijk uiteen lopen. U heeft al een instap naaimachine voor onder de €200,-, terwijl er ook zeer geavanceerde modellen verkrijgbaar zijn die meerdere duizenden euro’s kunnen kosten. Het hangt totaal af wat u van een naaimachine verwacht en wat u er mee gaat doen. Een aantal dingen waar u op kunt letten bij aanschaf zijn: de verschillen in mechanische of elektronische naaimachines, het verschil in materialen en het gewicht van de machine, het vermogen van de motor, de maximale steekbreedte en steeklengte, hoeveel fase knoopsgat, het aantal steekpatronen en eventuele extra functies die u nodig heeft. 

Waarom een naaimachine kopen bij Huissteden?

Ons familiebedrijf kent een lange geschiedenis en is dé specialist in naaimachines, borduurmachines en lockmachines. Bij Huissteden bent u daarom aan het juiste adres voor de aanschaf van uw nieuwe naaimachine. Wij bieden een zeer ruime collectie naaimachines van verschillende kwaliteitsmerken, zoals Bernette, Bernina, Brother, Janome, Pfaff en Singer. Daarnaast staan wij voor u klaar voor al uw vragen, kunt u ons bereiken voor service en hebben we een werkplaats voor reparatie en onderhoud op verschillende merken. Naast onze uitgebreide webshop bent u ook van harte welkom in onze winkel Barneveld.

Hoe onderhoud ik mijn naaimachine?

Wanneer u een naaimachine met regelmaat gebruikt kunt u op een gegeven moment te maken krijgen met onderhoud van uw apparaat. Toch kunt u met wat handige tips een grote onderhouds- of reparatie beurt zo ver mogelijk uitstellen en de levensduur van uw apparaat bevorderen. Denk hierbij aan het het op tijd vervangen van de naaimachine naalden, het verwijderen van vuil, gebruik van de juiste olie bij oudere modellen en het goed opbergen. Mocht uw naaimachine toch een onderhoudsbeurt nodig hebben of kapot gaan, dan staat Huissteden voor u klaar. Wij bieden een onderhoud en reparatieservice aan voor verschillende merken in onze werkplaats.

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