When a sewing machine light breaks, it is immediately dark on your sewing. Want to change it yourself and have it delivered quickly? Then check which bulb fits your machine.

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Light bulb frosted E14 threaded 22x57
LED E14 thread
Light bulb clear bayonet socket 18x52
Light bulb frosted bayonet socket 22x57
LED bayonet mount
Plug-in bulb 12V-5W
Pfaff sewing machine lamp 12V-5W
Pfaff clear glass bulb B18x52
Bernina mat bayonet closure 22x57
Bernina sewing machine lamp 6V-4W
Daylight Led lamp for sewing machine
Special Price 34.95 Regular Price 39.50
Plug-in bulb 24V-5W
LED 12v mini bayonet connector

Sewing machine lamp in all sizes

Sewing machine lamp replacement
Most sewing machines are counter words complicated devices. There are several parts that wear out or break over time and need to be replaced. Some of these parts, fortunately, you can easily replace yourself. The lamp, for example, is such a part. Especially in the evening, good light at work is essential for good work. So it is very annoying when the bulb suddenly breaks. Therefore, make sure you always have a bulb in stock.

LED sewing machine lights
Sewing machines have changed tremendously in recent years. Not only in the controls have many improvements been made. Things have also changed in the lighting. For example, LED lights are often used nowadays. LED lighting is very durable. Thanks to new technologies, an LED light lasts much longer, so you don't have to buy new bulbs as often. Moreover, an LED bulb does not get hot. This eliminates the risk of scorching the fabric when you accidentally touch the light with the fabric. An LED bulb also gives a very bright light, giving you good light at work even at night.

The right fitting
There are lights for all brands of sewing machines. Different sewing machines use different fittings. So it is important to purchase a light with the correct fitting. A bayonet fitting is widely used, But there are different sizes of lights, both bayonet and twist. Look carefully at the size of the bulb and what type of bulb fits your machine.

Replace bulb for LED bulb
New sewing machines are often equipped with an LED bulb. This exists in both a bayonet and a rotary bulb. If your sewing machine still has a light bulb and you would still like to use an LED bulb then it is possible to replace the bulb. An LED bulb not only lasts longer. The light from an LED bulb is also very bright. If you often use your sewing machine at night, it may be worthwhile to replace the light with an LED lamp.