Quilting yarn

Choosing the right quilting thread for your quilt project starts with choosing whether you will do it by hand or sewing machine.

Cotton quilting thread

Quilting thread is almost always cotton thread (in a medium thickness, size 30 to 50) is best suited for projects with lightweight to medium-weight, natural woven fabrics such as cotton, linen and rayon. Most cotton thread is used in a finishing process that makes the thread smooth and shiny. Cotton thread is softer than polyester. It also has very little "stretch" (elasticity) and allows your project, such as a patchwork, to keep it in shape. That said, it is not a good choice for stretchy fabrics! Cotton thread is a favorite among quilters who sew with high-quality quilting fabric. Its neutral colors are ideal and beautiful for large quilting projects and therefore should withstand stretch.

Cotton thread

Cotton thread has been used by many seamstresses for hundreds of years because of its natural softness and versatility as a sewing thread. Cotton thread is inherently soft and have a natural appearance. It is best used when sewing with natural fiber fabrics. When sewing on natural fiber fabrics think on cotton or linen. Many cotton threads are mercerized, which means they have a smooth covering that makes them easier to dye and gives them a shiny, smooth finish, making them good to use on a sewing machine.

Cotton yarn what is it?

If you are interested in natural fibers, it may be tempting to choose cotton rather than polyester thread for a sewing project. Cotton yarn is a type of fiber that grows on cotton plants. It is identified by its fluffy, white appearance and bunches around the seeds of the plant during harvest. It can be spun into threads to the appropriate thickness. Cotton yarn can thus be found in different yarn thicknesses such as thickness 30 and 50. The finishing process that makes the cotton yarn is smooth and shiny and adds strength. Mercerized cotton yarn is ideal for woven fabrics that need little or no stretch in the seams. Cotton is also heat resistant, making it a better choice for quilters.

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