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Brother Foot Pedal
Brother Innov-is Foot Pedal
Brother Foot Pedal N5V
Power cable 2.8m long
Brother Innov-is 4000/5000 Foot Pedal

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Buy a Brother foot pedal ? the is a common part of a sewing machine that can sometimes fail or get lost. Foot pedals can still malfunction when the Brother sewing machine gets older, usually there are no more separate parts available for it and then it is replaced completely. has almost all models of Brother foot pedals in stock, for Brother series: BC, CS, DS, FS, LS, NX, PS, PX, XL, XN, XQ and innov-is, among others. This is a small selection we still have many models of Brother sewing machines foot pedals in stock. Always check the picture of the new foot pedal and your brother foot pedal or the plugs match.

Working with Brother Foot Pedal

1. When you connect the Brother foot pedal, you must turn off the Brother sewing machine so that it cannot accidentally start.
2. Insert the foot pedal plug into the socket on the side of the sewing machine.
3. Turn on the Brother sewing machine again.
4. Select the desired sewing speed by sliding the slider (which is on almost all Brother sewing machines) for speed to the left or right. When you slide the speed control slider to the left, the sewing speed becomes slower; when you slide it to the right, the speed becomes faster.
5. The speed you set with the speed control slider is the maximum sewing speed of the foot control.
6. Once you are ready to sew, slowly depress the foot pedal. By depressing the foot pedal, you increase the sewing speed. Raising the foot pedal lowers the sewing speed.
7. The machine begins to sew.
8. When the end of the stitching is reached, let the foot pedal come all the way up.

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