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If you own an overlock machine bag, you can easily take overlock machine to sewing class. The convenient compartments allow you to carry all the accessories of the overlock machine at once.

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Locker machine bag, black/multi
Luxury Quilt design Lockmachine bag
Locker machine bag, blue
Locker machine bag, red/pink
Locker machine bag, purple
Locker machine bag XL, red/pink
Luxury Quilt design Lockmachine Trolley
Protective cover for overlock machines
Brother overlock machine bag
Bernina red Lock Machine bag
Bernette overlock machine bag
Lock machine bag, Black
Lock machine bag, Red
Babylock trolley
Bernina L850/L860/L890 trolley
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Babylock trolley L

Want to buy overlock machine bag?

Once you have a good overlock machine you would of course like to clean it up well? That is why Huissteden.nl also has a wide range of bags for overlock machines. A good sturdy overlock machine bag is indispensable when you want to store your overlock machine safely or take it to sewing class. An overlock machine bag is ideal for storage or transportation of the overlock machine. Most bags are zippered so you can easily put the overlocker in the bag and take it out. The hardened bottom of the bag gives extra stability. The bags all have handles that allow you to comfortably hold the machine in your hand. So there are a number of good reasons to think that buying one of these bags is a great idea.

The advantages of overlocker bag

There are some distinct advantages to be found when you buy a bag for your overlock machine. For starters, this helps you to neatly store the overlock machine along with all the accessories together. Another aspect to consider is safety. You do not want to leave sharp and potentially dangerous objects in your home, especially if you have young children who may think they are toys.
Of course, having the right bag also means that you can transport your sewing machine easily and comfortably.

Which overlocker bag to choose

Of course you look at which color you like best. Naturally, you will look at the size bag for the overlocker, whether it is big enough to store your overlocker comfortably and without risking any kind of damage.
If you have a lot of accessories to store, you will also like a bag with enough pockets to put it all in.

Which brands of overlockers fit in one bag

Almost all brands of overlock machines will fit in one bag, as long as you choose the right one!
The big brands of lock machines like Bernina lock machines that need a large model, Or have one Juki lock machine that will fit in almost all bags. Babylock overlock machine has very large models to compact models, so see which one fits you Babylock model. Of course a Pfaff overlock machine will also fit in an overlock machine bag.

Other overlock machine accessories

At Huissteden.nl you can get more out of your overlock machine. Therefore in our assortment you will not only find overlock thread and needles but also other accessories that make your overlock machine just that little bit more complete. Think for example of handy locker feet or a waste bin, so that not all cut fabric falls on the floor. Also for spare parts for the overlock machine, you can do it yourself or a foot pedal does not respond well anymore. We have it!