Bobbin yarn / Spool yarn

Good bobbin thread for your embroidery machine is important to get nice results.

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Madeira spool thread 1500m White
Madeira spool thread 1500m Black
Madeira 100% cotton bobbin thread
Brother green cone bobbin thread
Special Price 8.00 Regular Price 9.00
Brother green cone bobbin thread, discount box 5 pcs
Special Price 35.00 Regular Price 45.00
Brother spool thread white
Special Price 8.00 Regular Price 9.00
Brother bobbin thread white, discount box 5 pcs
Special Price 35.00 Regular Price 45.00
Brother spool thread black
Brother spool thread black, discount box 5 Pieces
Special Price 35.00 Regular Price 45.00
Mettler spool thread White
Mettler bobbin thread Black
Madeira Burmilon spool thread No.120, 7500m White
Madeira Burmilon bobbin thread No.120, 7500m black
Madeira spool thread 500m White
Madeira spool thread 500m Black
Madeira 50x white pre-wound bobbins
Madeira 144x white pre-wound bobbins
Madeira 50x black pre-wound bobbins

want to buy bobbin thread?

There is special bobbin thread / under thread for embroidery machines. This bobbin thread is thinner than regular embroidery thread. The result of your embroidery is therefore much nicer, and the embroidery will also feel less thick if you use standard embroidery fleece with it. Bobbin thread, also called under thread, comes in different brands. Major brands in bobbin thread/under thread are Brother, Mettler, Madeira and Rheingold. Most common bobbin yarns are almost always polyester. Bobbin thread/under yarn comes in different thicknesses, and the cones come in different sizes. The cones of bobbin thread/under yarn are from 500 meters to 10,000 meters.
Madeira also has cotton bobbin thread. This is practical if you, still want to dye your project, then the bobbin thread colors along with it. Bobbin thread can also be used on your sewing machine. If you are topstitching your work with decorative stitches and using embroidery thread as the top thread, the result will be nicer if you use bobbin thread on your bobbin.

Bobbin thread / bobbin thread is only visible at the back, but they are of enormous importance. Roughly speaking, you always need at least half the length of the top thread for the matching bobbin thread.

It is very important to set the tension of all the threads you are using correctly. This ensures that the bobbin thread / under thread does not show on the front and reduces the risk of breaking or loops. When used for clothing, the bobbin thread / under thread comes in contact with the skin and should be soft to the touch and not irritating

Ready-made bobbins

The ready to use bobbins are suitable for a wide range of embroidery machines, but you must first make sure that they fit and perform on your embroidery machines, they are most common in semi industrial machines such as the Brother PR and VR series. You will benefit from the convenience that they are already pre-spooled, all you need to do is insert them into the bobbin case and you are ready to start

Large bobbins for large users

There are several threads on cones that can be used for spooling up loose bobbins, which are cheaper, converted per meter, than smaller bobbins of bobbin thread / under thread.