Transparent yarn

Do you also want almost "invisible" topstitching. Then use transparent thread for machine quilting or clothing stitching.

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Gütermann transparent yarn
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Madeira Monofil 60 200m, Col. 1001
Madeira Monofil 60 200m, Col. 1000
Madeira Monofil 40 500m, Col. 1001
Madeira Monofil 40 500m, Col. 1000
Madeira Monofil 60 1000m, Col. 1001
Madeira Monofil 60 1000m, Col. 1000
Madeira Monolon

Transparent thread is also called Monofil

Transparent thread also called Monofil thread, this type of thread resembles a very fine fishing line and is useful if you want your stitches to be invisible. The nylon base is made of a strong and resistant to tension. It is available in two colors (Clear & Smoke), it is the perfect choice for use when the stitches need to camouflage with the background of a project. The smoothness of the Monofil thread also makes it perfect for sewing. Monofil thread is nylon based and therefore strong and able to withstand tension. For light fabrics, use the clear thread and for dark fabrics use the smokey tinted Monofil thread. We recommend using this thread and a metallic needle.

What do you use transparent thread for?

Transparent thread (Monofil) is common among quilters who use a quilting machine. People use it as a top thread for many quilting techniques such as stitch-in-the-ditch, invisible sewing machine applique, echo-style applique and, of course, free motion quilting. So it is useful for machine quilting when it is difficult to choose a color, for example, in quilts with both dark and light fabrics. Transparent thread can be a little tricky to work with at first, and you may need to adjust the tension, stitch length or needle thickness. Some quilters avoid using it in the bobbin, while others do just fine. So always test it on a sample fabric first.