Lock machine blades

Large selection of overlock machine blades that you can change yourself, How to adjust an upper blade or lower blade on an overlock machine

What does an overlock machine blade do

An overlock machine allows you to finish the edges of a garment you are making. The grippers of an overlock machine work together to loop the threads to make the lock seams.an overlock machine cannot do without a blade, It cuts away any excess or uneven fabric along the edges of the fabric making the stitch tight around the fabric with no fraying. But over time, the blades can become bid by wear and tear or a pin can get between them making the fabric now cut with pulls.

How do I replace overlocker blades?

Switch off the locker, set the main switch to "O". Switch off the machine electrically by pulling the mains plug from the mains socket. Raise needles and open the front panel of your locker machine to access lock blades. Take the lock knife blades out of your machine using the small screwdriver or socket wrench. The way to do this depends on your lock machine. Make sure you know how you took the blades out (take a picture of it).

Lockers have two blades that work together like scissors to cut the fabric while the overlocker stitches the fabric together. The upper blade moves up and down. The lower blade is usually located just below the needle plate and does not move. On many lock machines, the upper blade can be unlocked for decorative sewing.

Replace the lock knives one at a time, remove Old lower knife and insert the new lower knife into the slot in the knife holder so that the top of the lower knife runs parallel to the top of stitch plate. Check that the cutting edges of the lower and upper blade overlap about 0.5mm when turning the handwheel.

* We recommend always replacing the upper and lower blade at the same time, This is to avoid new blade being damaged by the other blade.

Other overlocker accessories

At Huissteden.nl you can get more out of your overlocker. Therefore, in our assortment you will not only find overlock thread and needles, but also other accessories that will make your overlock machine just that little bit more complete. Think for example of handy overlock machine feet, an overlock machine bag or a waste bin, so that not all cut fabric falls on the floor.

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