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With a sewing machine trolley and or bag, you can easily take your machine to your quilting class or sewing class. The convenient handle and wheels not only make the case easier to carry, it also ensures that there is hardly any lugging to do.

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Sewing machine bag, black
Locker machine bag, black/multi
Protective cover for overlock machines
Sewing machine dust cover
Sewing machine bag with trolley, black
Prym Trolley Big for the sewing machine
Prym Sewing Machine Bag, Polka Dots
Prym trolley for sewing machine, Polka Dots
Prym Sewing Machine Bag, Jeans
Prym Trolley for sewing machine, Jeans
Sewing machine bag Luxe Quilt design, black
Bernina Trolley L
Special Price 265.00 Regular Price 299.00
Bernina Trolley XL
Special Price 295.00 Regular Price 329.00
Tutto Sewing Machine Trolley Medium
Tutto Sewing Machine Trolley Large
Tutto Sewing Machine Trolley XL
Janome sewing machine carrying case
Pfaff sewing machine carrying case

Benefits of trolleys and bags

Take your sewing machine with you in style! Choose from our very wide range of trolleys and bags to take everything with you. The trolleys and bags are available in different models, sizes, colors and material. We also have a wide range of bags to store your serger. Before ordering, always check the size of the sewing machine trolley or bag to make sure the sewing machine will fit!

Look through our selection of trolleys and bags from the well-known brands, including names like Bernina, Tutto and Brother, Prym or Pfaff based on the type of trolley and bag you need, from the ones designed for any machine, even embroidery machines and embroidery arms as well.

Sewing machine trolley

Having trouble lifting your heavy sewing machine with all its accessories? Then let it roll effortlessly behind you!

Our handy trolleys on wheels make it easy to carry the weight of your sewing machine and accessories to sewing classes and quilting and embroidery meetings. The trolley has a telescopic handle that allows you to easily pull it behind you it is the ultimate recommendation to not have to lug your sewing machine around. The trolleys fit most sewing machines, although there are different sizes.

Your sewing machine remains well protected when you use the trolley to transport it, as the body is often canvas and the sewing machine is secured upright using a convenient Velcro strap. If you want, you can even fold most trolleys when not in use, as they have a sturdy base that is removable.

Sewing machine bag

A sewing machine bag is a great option for those who want to have everything together without having to buy a more expensive trolley.

Most sewing machines such as Singer, Brother, Bernette, janome fit into most common sewing machine bags unless it is a large model sewing machine. Although a sewing machine bag does not have a hard cover, there is enough material to protect your machine. All the sides are well sturdy and the bottom is often reinforced as well. A sewing machine bag is almost always made of sturdy canvas, but inexpensive models are often fabric.

One of the biggest advantages of using a sewing machine bag instead of a trolley is that you have lots of outside pockets for all the loose tools and accessories.