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Embroidery software inspires you to design and create beautiful, personalized embroidery designs.

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Brother PE-Design Plus 2
Special Price 495.00 Regular Price 549.00
Brother PE-Design 11 - full package
Special Price 1,349.00 Regular Price 1,599.00
Brother Upgrade PE-Design 10 to 11
Special Price 449.00 Regular Price 549.00
Brother Combi Pack upgrade kit Pe-Design V5/6/7/8►10►11
Special Price 550.00 Regular Price 599.00
Brother Upgrade kit to PE-Design 10
Special Price 399.00 Regular Price 449.00
Bernina Designer Plus V9 - Update
Special Price 599.00 Regular Price 649.00
Bernina Designer Plus V9 - full version
Special Price 1,499.00 Regular Price 1,549.00
BERNINA Toolbox Bundle, all in one software
Special Price 599.00 Regular Price 699.00
Bernina V9 Creator

Want to buy embroidery software?

Buying embroidery software allows you to create embroidery design files such as lines, columns or fill areas. Embroidery software gives you endless possibilities to be creative. Embroidery software inspires you to design and create beautiful, personalized embroidery designs.

With the use of embroidery software, you can turn any image, photo or font into an embroidery design. At first, this may seem like a daunting task, but you don't have to be a graphic designer or a computer programmer to do this. In fact, the embroidery software does all the work for you. All you have to do is click, drop and drag, save the design and transfer it to the embroidery machine.

On our site you will find embroidery software for your embroidery machine, such as Brother and Bernina. There are also embroidery software that are compatible with other embroidery machines. There is a wide range of prices for beginners to professionals. You can buy a simple version such as brother PE-design plus or the more extensive packages of Bernina Designer and Brother PE-Design. Whether embroidery is your hobby or your profession with our embroidery software you will create the most beautiful things.

Which embroidery software is right for me?

Which brand will you go for?

Brother embroidery software

The most common embroidery software suitable for advanced embroiderers is Brother Pe-Design. Enjoy boundary-pushing creativity with our latest and most advanced embroidery design software: PE-Design 11.Building on the success of its predecessor - PE-Design 10 this updated version offers new and improved features for creating unique embroidery designs, stitches and patterns for quilting stuffing.Get more from your Brother embroidery machine with embroidery software

Brother PE-Design Plus2

Ideal for advanced embroidery enthusiasts. Step into the world of unprecedented embroidery possibilities with Brother PE-Design Plus2 Turn your favorite photo or illustrations into unique designs and let your creativity run wild.

Brother PE-Design 11

Push your creative boundaries with our latest and most advanced embroidery design software: Brother PE-Design 11. This new version builds on the success of its predecessor Brother PE-Design 10 and offers new, improved features for creating unique embroidery designs, fonts, stitches and quilt fill patterns.

Bernina embroidery software

Bernina's Designer embroidery software allows experienced users to create intricate designs. With this software, you can use the CorelDraw Essentials program to draw designs by hand, and you can also add digital effects. Another advanced feature of Designer Plus is that you can turn any digital image into an embroidery pattern.

Learning how to use this software may take a little more time to learn because of its many features, but Bernina offers an extensive self-study library. Once you know how to use it, Designer allows you to accurately adjust thread color, stitch selection and size.you can also learn to create PunchWork, StumpWork and multihoop designs. When you're finished with your design, you can save your finished files to a USB drive or send them directly to your Bernina sewing embroidery machine.

Bernina embroidery software 8 - DesignerPlus

Bernina Embroidery Software 8 includes an advanced range of great features and 3D effects for unique fabric embellishments. Turn your favorite photo into an embroidered work of art with the new color PhotoStitch feature. The 3D globe effect brings pattern fills to life, while the amazing cord embroidery lets you beautifully combine wool yarn and embroidery designs. Make monograms and letters stand out with 3D lettering and create individual creations with the advanced CutWork features

Other accessories for an embroidery machine

If you want embroidery machine accessories then you have come to the right place. Huissteden.nl has many embroidery machine accessories in stock. Consumers often want an extra embroidery hoop there, these are of course available in different sizes. For embroidery you also need good quality embroidery thread from Madeira, Brother or Isacord with bobbin thread that can be rewound on an embroidery machine bobbin. We also have a very wide range of embroidery fleece in our collection. Do you prefer to take a heavy embroidery machine with you in a trolley? Of course we have different sizes in stock. Needle bone then we have the right embroidery needle in stock. Or are you looking for a specific part such as a foot pedal, stitch plate, bobbin case or lighting at Huissteden.nl you will always find the right product.