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After all, you can never have too many sewing machine bobbins! With the right sewing machine bobbin you will get the best results.

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Bernina spools CB 10pcs
Bernina spools rotating 10pcs
Bernina 1000/1001 bobbins 10pcs
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Bernina 400/500/700 series bobbins 10pcs
Bernina 800 series bobbins 10pcs
Universal coils of plastic 10pcs
Universal coils of metal 10pcs
Pfaff bobbins 10pcs model ACDEFG
Pfaff bobbins J - 10pcs
Pfaff bobbins model 'K' 10pcs
Pfaff Icon spools 10pcs model L
Pfaff bobbins hobby 10pcs
Pfaff metal bobbins, 10pcs
Husqvarna model 5/6/7 bobbins 10pcs
Husqvarna model 2/3/4 spools 10pcs
Husqvarna model 1 bobbins 10pcs
Husqvarna Epic spools 8pcs blue
Husqvarna High model bobbins 10pcs

Which sewing machine bobbin do I need?

Use only the correct bobbin designed specifically for your sewing machine. Using any other bobbin may cause damage to the machine. We always have a large collection of sewing machine bobbins in stock so the choice is very wide. After all, you can never have too many sewing machine bobbins, can you? Plastic bobbins are becoming increasingly popular and are found in almost all new models of sewing machines, because they are durable and inexpensiveAlways checkcarefully which bobbin goes with your sewing machine! Some brands have many models of bobbins. If you want to buy a universal bobbin, it may not fit your sewing machine. The word universal suggests that it fits everywhere but unfortunately that is not the case. Well known sewing machine brands almost always have their own designed size bobbin in their sewing machine. So always make sure you buy the right bobbin for the right brand and model.

Bernina sewing machine bobbins
Bernina has many, 5 kinds of bobbins. 2 types of metal bobbins and 3 types of plastic bobbins from standard model to jumbo bobbins.

Brother sewing machine bobbins
Brother only has a high or low model sewing machine bobbin, old models have a low model.

Elna sewing machine bobbins
The new series of Elna sewing machine use plastic bobbins and the old series metal bobbins.

Husqvarna sewing machine bobbins
Husqvarna knows only plastic bobbins. 4 types of straight, concave or convex side bobbins.

Janome sewing machine bobbins
Janome sewing machines has only one type of bobbin, it couldn't be easier! You always buy the right model. Only for the HD9 metal bobbins are used.

Pfaff sewing machine bobbinsPfaff
has 5 types of bobbins, most of which are plastic and one is metal.

Singer sewing machine bobbins
We sell 4 types of Singer bobbins from straight models to divisible bobbins and bobbins with a spring in them.

Toyota sewing machine bobbins
Most toyota machines use plastic bobbins and older machines use metal bobbins.

Universal sewing machine bobbins
Plastic bobbins are becoming increasingly popular and are found in almost all new models of sewing machines because they are durable and inexpensive. Unfortunately, these do not fit in the well-known brands of sewing machines.

- Metal bobbins:

Metal bobbins are composed of treated steel. These are the most common bobbins in somewhat older sewing machines.

- Plastic bobbins:

Plastic bobbins are becoming increasingly popular and are found in almost all new sewing machine models because they are durable and inexpensive. Plastic bobbins are generally just as good as metal bobbins.

What to look out for when buying sewing machine bobbins

These are the most common questions and answers we face on a regular basis.

How many bobbins do you really need?

an average seamstress has between 20 to 30 sewing machine bobbins for their sewing machine. Just see how many colors of thread you use, over-spooling each time is not practical either.

Do all sewing machines fitthe same bobbin?

The answer is no, you must use the correct bobbin made for your sewing machine. Consult your manual or ask in our store for advice.

Plastic bobbins can break if they are spooled too full

If you fill a sewing machine's bobbin too tightly, the plastic can break. This can also occur regularly with old bobbins because the plastic simply ages.

Changing plastic or metal bobbins if they are the same size

Sewing machines that come with a plastic bobbin then are set for a lighter plastic bobbin then you cannot use a metal bobbin. This will otherwise damage your sewing machine and affect thread tension.

How to insert a bobbin

Of course, you should first start by filling a sewing machine bobbin with bobbin thread. You always put one bobbin in the bottom left of the sewing machine. There are two ways to insert the bobbin from the top or from the front. If you need to insert the bobbin from the front, first take out the bobbin case and place the bobbin in the case, pull the bobbin thread through the tension spring and put the bobbin case back in the machine. This can be a metal bobbin or a plastic bobbin depending on the make and model. If you need to place the sewing machine bobbin on top, first remove the protective cover, place the bobbin in the opening and run the thread from the top to the left. Now gently pull the bobbin thread and the bobbin will turn counterclockwise. Pass the spool wire through the tension spring and replace the protective cover. Plastic bobbins are always used with this system.

What does a sewing machine bobbin do?

No sewing machine can do without a bobbin, so no bobbin no stitch. A bobbin, together with the upper thread, enables a sewing machine to make a stitch. The upper thread, together with the sewing machine needles, goes down through the hole of the stitch plate, where the gripper behind/under the bobbin picks up the upper thread and brings it together to knit a stitch.