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Yarns are available in different colors and brands. Good yarn is important for good and beautiful results.

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Lock Yarn White
Madeira Tear Away cotton soft W.30cm x L.50m
Madeira classic 1001
Special Price 5.35 Regular Price 6.95
Madeira Rayon 1001 1000m
Special Price 6.50 Regular Price 7.95
Madeira Rayon 1001 200m
Special Price 2.95 Regular Price 3.85
Temporary glue spray 500ml
Serafil 2000
Out of stock
Special Price 10.95 Regular Price 14.95
Brother 001
Madeira Metallic brilliant alu, 1000m
Special Price 12.95 Regular Price 15.30
Madeira Polyneon 1805
Special Price 3.95 Regular Price 5.60
Madeira Metallic sparkling 300, 200m
Special Price 4.95 Regular Price 5.55
Madeira spool thread 1500m White
Mettler spool thread White
Gutermann sewing thread album 42pcs
Out of stock
Mettler Seralon Sewing Thread Benefit Box 96pcs
Special Price 252.00 Regular Price 309.00
Brother green cone bobbin thread
Special Price 8.00 Regular Price 9.00
Brother spool thread white
Special Price 8.00 Regular Price 9.00
Mettler embroidery thread advantage box 96x200m
Special Price 255.00 Regular Price 280.00

Buy yarn

You are looking for yarn? Then you will find it here. We offer sewing thread, lock thread and embroidery thread. For all hobbyists and professionals, you will find the right sewing thread of high quality in our range. We have a huge selection of colors and brands available right away. Are you looking for different types of embroidery fleece? That's no problem either

Sewing thread

One of the best known sewing threads is Gütermann. We recommend this thread because it does not fluff and it does not break easily compared to cheap market thread. Because how annoying is it when you finish your piece and your side seams shoot loose.
Gütermann also has super-strong thread, this is thicker sewing thread and is widely used for tent cloths, jeans and other thick material. This thread is almost impossible to break by hand and is also weatherproof.

Embroidery thread

We sell all major brands of embroidery thread including Madeira, Isacord, Gütermann, Mettler and Brother. Embroidery thread is available in hundreds of colors, although this is different for different brands. Embroidery thread has a nice sheen and is thinner than sewing thread. This gives a nicer result than sewing thread. Good embroidery thread is important for your embroidery. The brands we sell are less likely to break than the cheaper brands of embroidery thread.

Lock thread

Of course, like other threads, lock threads come in different thicknesses. The higher the number, the thinner the thread. Lock threads are suitable for almost all types of fabrics, even very fine fabrics such as organza or tulle. Basically, lock yarn should be smooth and fine. With cheap products, you will quickly notice that the strength varies partially. Lock yarn with irregularities is not recommended. Not only because of durability, but it also has the tendency to fluff. And that, in turn, reduces the durability of the seams.