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Do you want a professional look to your clothing? Use a coverlock machine to topstitch your hems of your clothing....

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Bernette b42
Special Price 584.00 Regular Price 649.00
Brother CV3440
Special Price 629.00 Regular Price 699.00
Brother coverstitch cv3550
Special Price 695.00 Regular Price 799.00
Janome coverpro 2000CPX
Bernette b48
Special Price 819.00 Regular Price 899.00
Bernette b62 Aircover
Special Price 1,049.00 Regular Price 1,149.00
Juki MCS-1800 Coverlock
web only
Pfaff Coverlock 3.0
web only
Janome coverpro 3000 Professional
Babylock BLCS 2 coverlock
Special Price 1,198.00 Regular Price 1,599.00
Bernette b68 Aircover
Special Price 1,499.00 Regular Price 1,599.00
Babylock Euphoria coverlock
Babylock Desire 3
Pfaff Admire Air 6000
Pfaff admire air 7000
Babylock Gloria
Bernina L890

Buy coverlock?

There are a number of types of coverlock machines on the market, all with their own functions. has made a decision aid for you. With this tool you can determine what is important to you in choosing a coverlock machine. Then you can sort on these points in the advanced search. This will quickly lead you to the cover machine that suits you and make it easy to buy your new cover machine online. With a cover/chain stitch machine you sew stretchy and flat hems in jersey or decorative joining seams. The chain stitch is ideal for strong seams in woven fabrics or for sewing in bands. The cover/chain stitch machine is an ideal addition to your overlocker.

New coverlock from the best brands

At you can choose from a large assortment of various types and (top) brands of coverlock machines. Would you like a coverlock machine from a top class brand? Then filter by brands such as Babylock, Bernina or Pfaff. is an authorized dealer of these brands in the Netherlands. The advantage of having your own store is that you can try them out directly. So you can be sure that you make the right choice. You can also order directly.

Coverlock, also for a lower budget

Besides all coverlock machines for higher budgets, such as Babylock, Bernina and Pfaff, also has renowned brands such as Bernette, Brother, Juki and Janome in its assortment. All excellent brands that fit within almost everyone's budget. Look around in our webshop for the full range.

Compare coverlocks

On our site you can select your favorite coverlocks for comparison. By ticking compare and using the function "compare products" the differences in specifications of the selected overlocker will become visible.

Always assured of top service

Not for nothing have all the top brands of cover machines chosen Huissteden Barneveld as an authorized brand dealer. Not only for advice on your favorite cover machine, but also for the service after your purchase. You can always expect top quality service at, regardless of the price and brand of the cover machine. Did you know that you can also schedule service or maintenance by phone?

Have you seen a beautiful coverlock machine? Of course you can order it directly. An authorized mail order company will deliver your coverlock machine to your home free of charge. Or would you first like to try out a coverlock machine? Visit our store in Barneveld.

What brands of coverlock machines do we sell

There aren't nearly as many different models of coverlock machines to choose from as there are with overlock machines, but on a coverlock machine there are some features to consider. Generally, cover machines are as easy to thread as a regular overlock machine. However, some brands offer automatic jet air-threading.


On a cover machines, you can mechanically or automatically-electronically adjust the upper thread tension.

Free arm

For some people, a free arm is an important feature because it makes it easier to get sleeves and other narrow garments around.

Adjustable foot pressure

Adjustable presser foot pressure allows the presser foot to come up lighter or tighter on the fabric.

Differential feed

Lock machines are already familiar with the differential feed feature, which adjusts the feeders so that stretchy fabrics are not stretched unevenly during sewing, which can also result in wavy hems.

Baby lock coverlock machines

Babylock coverlock machines have technical gadgets, simple operation and the quality of a Babylock coverlock are also found here.

Babylock BLCS

You can also use the Babylock BLCS coverstitch machine for decorating connecting seams, finishing edges and decorative ornamental seams. Babylock coverstitch machines convince with their sophistication, quality and ease of use and threading with air.

Babylock Euphoria

Babylock Euphoria is the Queen among coverstitch machines and is released with a wide opening of no less than 140mm, the simple ExtraordinAir threading system, automatic thread tension, knee lift and a needle threader. The machine always delivers the right stitch for optimal sewing results. The quality of the thread is irrelevant. Whether robust thread or wafer-thin thread, seams always look perfect.

Bernette Cover machines

Stylish Bernette models in a modern Swiss Design.

Bernette 42

The economical 4-thread, 3-needle coverstitch machine for professional seams. The bernette Funlock 42 is a coverstitch machine with a total of 3 different coverstitches with a width of 2.8 and 5.6 mm and a chainstitch.

Bernette 48

An affordable bernette 48 is the top model of the Funlock series and is a combination overlock and coverstitch machine. The machine offers a total of 23 types of stitches

Brother coverlock machine

Brother offers coverlock machines at a very attractive price.

Brother CV3440

User-friendly and easy to operate; the CV3440 is capable of creating multiple types of cover stitches on various fabric qualities.

Brother CV3550

The coverstitch CV3550 5, 4, 3 and 2-thread and coverstitch is designed to deliver professional results, on any fabric type.

Janome coverstitch machine

The beautiful Janome coverlock 2000CPX is the specialist with the right features for a beautiful coverstitch.

Pfaff coverlock machine

Pfaff coverlock machines combine excellent performance with modern design.

Pfaff coverlock 3.0

The Pfaff coverlock 3.0 overlock machine offers you even 5 threads and incredible sewing space and a professional coverstitch and much more.

All accessories for a coverlock

Looking for great accessories for a coverlock? At we have a large selection of accessories. Everything you need for your coverlock can be found in the store and of course in the webshop. A coverlock foot is available in different models per brand. Good overlock thread is very important! We recommend using stretch seraflock thread on the lower looper. This is suitable for sewing stretch seams in stretch fabrics. Not to mention the special coverlock needles to prevent stitch skipping or a handy storage bag so the machine is well stored. But also for specific parts such as a foot pedal for the coverlock machines; at you will always find the right part.