Lint remover

A lint remover is a simple tool with a very important task: removing lint from clothing. They are especially useful for anyone who wears clothes that have a lot of lint on them; they are also handy in use on fabric furniture.

Want to buy lint remover?

Removing lint from clothing can be quite a hassle - especially if you don't have the right tools. With our line of lint removers, you can quickly and easily remove all the unwanted lint and fluff from your clothes. You can choose from a variety of models so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you are looking for something compact and handy or something more powerful, you have come to the right place. So why wait? Order your lint remover today!

lint remover shaverWhether
you want to remove lint from your clothes or restore your old clothes by shaving the material that accumulates on the surface, an electric lint remover is the solution for you! These products can be battery or electric powered and use stainless steel shaving blades to efficiently and safely remove lint, fluff and fabric pills from sweaters, coats, curtains and upholstery. Effective and easy to use, this shaver is a handy tool for everyone to own.

Lint Roller
Or do you prefer a simpler lint roller? This product uses an adhesive layer to quickly and effectively remove lint, pet hair and other debris on clothing and furniture. And when the roller is completely covered with hair and lint, it can no longer be used and the user just has to peel off the strip, to start using a whole new strip. This makes this a simple but effective tool in the fight against lint.

Fluff brush
This product is designed on a brush style that has been selling well for years. The reason it has been around for so long is that it is very effective at removing lint. You can use this brush in different directions to remove pet hair and lint from all types of (be)clothing. It is also reversible, so if one side is too hairy, the user can reverse it and continue to remove lint.

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After phone contact with good advice order placed. Immediately via email a confirmation and invoice. As soon as it was sent (same day) I received a shipping confirmation. Shipment was trackable and delivered the next day. So perfect sale!

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