Pfaff Embroidery Rings


Pfaff embroidery hoops for your embroidery machine are available in many different sizes for different embroidery techniques.

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Pfaff square hoop 120x120mm
Pfaff Petite square hoop 80x80mm
Pfaff texture hoop 150x150mm
Pfaff all fabric hoop ll 150x150mm
Pfaff master hoop 240x150mm
Pfaff elite hoop 260x200mm
Pfaff deluxe hoop 360x200mm
Pfaff Embroidery Ring Screw - Clamp
Pfaff Petite Metal Hoop 100x100mm
Pfaff Metal Hoop 180x130mm
Pfaff Grand Metal Hoop 240x150mm
Extra magnets for Metal Hoop
Pfaff Metal Hoop lace holder
Pfaff Embroidery Clamp

Pfaff hoops for embroidery

Pfaff embroidery hoops are available in many different shapes and sizes. embroidery hoops can be used for embroidery, quilting, ribbons and textures. Anyone who has a Pfaff embroidery machine will want to have embroidery hoops in a different size! Pfaff embroidery hoops are suitable for all your creative possibilities. Embroidery is fun and add a fashionable touch to your clothing accessories and home textiles. Colorful, extra large or endearing; all embroidered with Pfaff an unimaginable quality. It's fun to do and the new ideas keep coming! With the right accessories, the results are professional.

Pfaff Hoops

With the Pfaff creative embroideries also called "hoops" you can expand the creative possibilities of your Pfaff embroidery machine and achieve the most professional results. All embroidery designs become perfect regardless of their size with original Pfaff embroidery. The range of creative embroidery hoops is constantly being expanded so you can get even more embroidery pleasure.

What is a Pfaff Metal hoop

There are lots of fabrics that are difficult to hoop in an embroidery hoop or cannot be hooped at all<img style="float: right;" src="" width="125" height="125"> because it can damage the fabric. Thick stiff fabrics, as well as thin smooth fabrics, are often difficult to stretch in the hoop. Finished garments are often difficult or impossible to hoop because of seams, narrow areas or buttons. When you use the Pfaff Metal Hoop, hooping is no longer a problem!

How to Hoop my fabric in a Pfaff hoop

Place a layer of stabilizer under the fabric for best embroidery results. Be sure to Hoop the stabilizer and fabric smoothly and firmly in the hoop.
1. Open the quick release on the outer hoop.Remove the inner hoop. Place the outer ring on a firm flat surface with the screw at the bottom right. There is an arrow in the center of the lower edge of the hoop that should be flush with an arrow on the inner ring.
2. Place the stabilizer and fabric, right sides up, on the outer hoop. Place the inner ring on the fabric with the arrow on the bottom edge.
3. Press the inner ring firmly into the outer ring.
4. Close the quick release. Adjust the pressure of the outer ring by turning the clamping screw. The fabric should be tightly stretched in the ring for best results.
Note: If you want to embroider additional designs on the same fabric, open the quick release, move the hoop to the new position on the fabric and close the quick release. If you are going to use a different type of fabric, it may be necessary to adjust the pressure with the clamping screw. Do not force the quick release