Madeira Embroidery Thread

Madeira is one of the biggest brands of embroidery thread, with a very large range, and high quality.

Buy Madeira embroidery thread

Madeira embroidery thread has many types of threads in their collection, below is a small sample of our collection. These threads work best with embroidery fleece and good bobbin thread. Everything is of course available online and the store.

Madeira Classic and Rayon embroidery thread

Rayon Classic are both viscose embroidery threads they are made from the highest quality raw material rayon and gives a stunning but subtle sheen finish to be perfectly complementary. Madeira classic is available in thickness 40 and in over 400 colors, Madeira Rayon of 200m has 180 colors and Madeira Rayon 1000m has 120 colors. The extreme softness and flexibility prevents looping and allows stitches in all directions. Madeira Classic viscose embroidery thread produces soft, elegant embroidery designs with a natural-looking glossy sheen. The super soft Rayon Classic protects even needles and thread cutters from rapid wear.

Madeira Polyneon Embroidery Thread

This thread is cheaper than Rayon thread and has slightly less luster but just as strong. Madeira Polyneon embroidery thread is resistant to chlorine and bleach and is therefore perfect embroidery thread and can be frequently or intensively washed from fabrics such as jeans, sportswear, children's clothing, workwear, hotel and catering items. Madeira Polyneon No.40 is the standard thickness for all types of embroidery and is available in more than 400 colors. Polyneon No. 40 is an innovative, flame retardant thread for embroidering logos or lettering on flame retardant textiles such as workwear, curtains, car seats and anywhere effective flame retardant properties are required.

Madeira Metallic embroidery thread

All colors of Madeira metallic give great effect for selected clothing, bags, shoes, logos, badges and much more. In addition to classic gold or silver threads, Madeira offers the world's largest color palette, number and texture range - which is perfect for all fashion trends. Highlights include ultra-fine metallic thread, thick appearance, metallic thread is resistant to chlorine, two-tone, antique style, multicolors, metallic fashion colors and with metallic effects from subtle matte, fine and classic colors to rich glitter.

Madeira Spectra embroidery thread

Looking for distinct embroidery thread? Madeira Spectra is one such thread that looks different from regular embroidery thread. Normal embroidery thread is made round but this is a flat ribbon thread made of a special holographic film that reflects light and gives a bright sparkle to embroidery. Decorative stitching is lifted by the sparkle of gem color created by the fine film. Do always use metallic needles to prevent breakage.

Madeira Frosted Matt embroidery thread

Frosted Matt the world's first truly matte and lightfast embroidery thread is the new sensation of color perception. Because of its unique construction and special finish, true colors reflect intensely with enormous color strength of the embroidery thread. Because of the highest possible dyeing methods, Madeira Frosted Matt has unmatched quality of light fastness. Colors do not stay and fade easily, as others embroidery threads can.

Madeira Bobbin Yarn - Under Yarn

The Madeira Bobbin Thread/Bottom Thread may only be visible from the back, but they are of tremendous importance. Roughly speaking, you always need at least half the length of the top thread for the matching bottom thread. The two work together to produce the embroidery; therefore, you need to make sure to supplement the top quality threads with the corresponding bobbins.

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The webshop where I buy all my supplies in sewing and embroidery. And even purchased my machine. It offers many payment options, gets shipped quickly. I am a satisfied customer.

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After phone contact with good advice order placed. Immediately via email a confirmation and invoice. As soon as it was sent (same day) I received a shipping confirmation. Shipment was trackable and delivered the next day. So perfect sale!

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