Sewing thread

Sewing thread is often a synthetic thread suitable for many purposes. It is a good choice for most sewing machines, also for hand sewing.

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Gütermann sewing thread 800 white, 200m
Special Price 3.35 Regular Price 4.15
Gütermann sewing thread 800 white, 500m
Special Price 5.50 Regular Price 6.85
Gütermann sewing thread 800 white, 1000m
Special Price 8.50 Regular Price 10.40
Gutermann super strong sewing thread - 800 white
Special Price 3.50 Regular Price 4.25
Gutermann Denim 1016, white
Seraflex Col.2000, white
Special Price 3.25 Regular Price 3.95
Gutermann Sewing Cigar Set
Gutermann Sewing Cigar Set 10pcs, Col.1
Gutermann Sewing Cigar Set 20pcs
Out of stock
Gutermann sewing thread album 42pcs
Out of stock
Gütermann Sewing Thread Set with Zoom Ruler and Seam-Fix
Gütermann Sewing thread set with measuring tape
Gütermann Sewing thread set with pins and machine needles
Mettler Seralon Sewing Thread Benefit Box 96pcs
Special Price 252.00 Regular Price 309.00
Gütermann striking colors Nostalgia box
Gütermann Pastel Colors Nostalgia Box
Gütermann Basic Colors Nostalgia Box
Gutermann Sewing Cigar Set 10pcs, Col.5

Good sewing thread prevents problems

If you are experiencing problems with your sewing machine, you should first replace the sewing machine needle. If you are still experiencing problems, you should ask yourself if your sewing thread is of good quality. People often think that there is no difference in sewing thread and so they buy cheap sewing thread. But all well-known sewing machine manufacturers will always recommend good quality sewing thread

Sewing machines work best with quality sewing thread

When you thread your sewing machine with sewing thread it is passed through various hooks, guides and of course a tension disc. All of these obstacles that the thread passes through have the purpose of maintaining the tension of the sewing machine. If you don't use quality sewing thread, lint is left everywhere which eventually causes tension problems. All that lint accumulates at the tension disc, which prevents you from having even tension. Cheap thread is full of lint and bumps. Nothing is more frustrating that you have thread breaking quickly, stitches skipping and uneven tension. Choosing quality thread like Gütermann will greatly reduce these negatives.

Cheap polyester sewing thread

Polyester sewing thread is more often cheaper sewing thread and is all-purpose thread suitable for most sewing projects. It is a good choice for woven fabrics, jeans and fabrics with stretch because Polyester does not break easily. Most polyester threads are treated with a wax or silicone coating, which allows the thread to glide easily through the fabric. Polyester sewing thread is widely available and offered in a wide range of colors. There are several other advantages to polyester thread it is durable for heavy use. It is stronger than rayon or cotton and more colorfast because polyester fibers hold the color pigment longer even through more washings.

Choose the right color sewing thread

Choose a sewing thread color that matches the color of the material or fabric you will be working on. If you cannot find the right color sewing thread, choose a sewing thread that is one or two shades darker than the color of the fabric.

Alternatively, a lighter colored sewing thread would be an excellent choice when mixing the colors.

Which brand of sewing thread

We recommend Gütermann sewing thread for your sewing machine. It is 100% polyester with no lint and a good holding color. Gütermann sewing thread is a bit more expensive but the quality is top. Choose from various color spools of 200, 500 or 1000 meters.

Sewing Thread Specialty Kits

Don't know which color to choose? Or are you looking for a nice gift? We have various sewing thread gift sets from Gütermann, Madeira and Mettler, which can be used on any sewing machine. These come in a box so that all the colors are neatly and conveniently together. Do you need a lose sewing box? We also have these in stock.

Super strong sewing thread

Gütermannsuper strong sewing thread is a lot thicker than standard sewing thread, usually thickness 40. Super strong sewing thread for the sewing machine is made of polyester. And is widely used for thick upholstery for home projects such as sofa cushions or window screens. It is also an excellent choice for heavy demin projects, tent cloths and items such as backpacks. Super strong sewing thread is ideal where regular sewing thread can break faster

Seraflex elastic sewing thread

Seraflex is an Amann Mettler product and is highly elastic. Seraflex provides a stretchy straight stitch that can simply be sewn on your sewing machine. And ideal for stretchy fabrics of underwear, lingerie, swimwear, sportswear etc. Use Amann Mettler Seraflex sewing thread both as top and bottom thread for the most optimal stretchy result.

Transparent thread

Transparent sewing thread is meant to be invisible! The transparent thread is thread that is soft and light. It is available in 2 different colors clear & smoke. It is often used for sewing clothing labels and multicolored bands. It is also a favorite for machine quilting. It allows you to sew all colors of fabric without adjusting the color of the sewing thread

Attaching something another way

There are also other ways to fasten clothing together. Snaps are a pair of interlocking discs made of metal or plastic. A round lip under one disc fits into a groove on the other and holds them in place until a certain amount of force is applied. Vlieseline can also be used. This method involves gluing textiles together. Examples include collars, cuffs, curtain edges and pant hems.