Prym has a very large assortment in sewing hand and quilting accessories. That is why Huissteden.nl in Barneveld also has Prym in its collection.

Prym products

Prym is one of the largest and most innovative haberdashery manufacturers worldwide with about 3,300 employees. Prym is mainly known for its scissors, rotary knives, measuring tools, marking and drawing tools, hand needles, pins, serrated knives, spool boxes and storage boxes. With prym accessories in your home, success is guaranteed

We have divided Prym into several groups this to make easy

Elastic, tape and cord

Prym offers a wide range of elastic for repairing worn pants and waistband. The creation of children's clothing and lingerie. For fitness or sportswear. Buttonhole elastic for baby and maternity clothes. And for crochet and knitting.

Buttons, rings and closures

Clasps made by Prym offer the user a high level of comfort thanks to safe processing. Using high-quality materials, all products work precisely, are corrosion-resistant and have a long service life. For generations, Prym has been producing absolutely reliable fastening systems: snaps, jersey snaps, sports and camping snaps, jeans snaps and eyelets.

Household, Storage, Miscellaneous

The gentle cleaning, care and preventive protection of textiles are at the heart of its protection and care products. Prym's extensive range of smart storage ideas helps keep things organized.

Fleece, Glue, Tape, Repair

A wide variety of fabrics and materials, from cotton and synthetic fibers to leather, can be processed or worked on effortlessly with the adhesive from the Prym range.

Marking & Measuring Tools

Taking the measure is one thing. But marking off properly is something completely different. Both are no problem with the measuring and marking tools from Prym: Prym's patented rulers are the ideal tool for all your fabrics and patterns. Practical and ergonomic tools ensure that you can accurately transfer all measurements to your workpiece.

Knitting & Crochet needles

The Prym knitting needles, crochet needles and circular knitting needles show class when it comes to their craftsmanship and the thoughtful and innovative details.

Pins & Needles

Pins, hand needles and safety pins from Prym are known for their outstanding quality. The outstanding workmanship and their pleasant handling are characteristic. Slim tips, which do not damage the fabric, and optimum elasticity complete the properties.

Scissors & Coil Knife

Extreme care and decades of knowledge are the ingredients that make Prym sewing and tailoring scissors so special. They offer the highest precision and cutting security, from root to tip whether you are cutting jersey, jeans, silk or linen.

Color snaps

The Prym Color Snaps are colorful plastic snaps. The snaps require a low closing force and are therefore entirely plastic/plastic. Prym ColorSnaps are commonly found in baby clothes.

Why buy Prym

Founded around 1530, Prym is one of the oldest family-owned industrial companies in Germany and in the world.Prym.

Prym is constantly working on innovative solutions, they are already developing products to meet the needs of tomorrow and have success by delivering quality. Because Prym is regularly in conversation with customers and consumers, they try to produce future needs at a very early stage. The core of the Prym are creative products for hobbies and crafts, very fashionable fastening systems and accessory to make.

QualityAs a

company with a tradition of high quality, Prym meets the requirements of international quality standards.While strict controls ensure consistently high quality when it comes to material, shape and color.All Prym products are distinguished by their durability and highly functional design.

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The webshop where I buy all my supplies in sewing and embroidery. And even purchased my machine. It offers many payment options, gets shipped quickly. I am a satisfied customer.

A super company with customer service


After phone contact with good advice order placed. Immediately via email a confirmation and invoice. As soon as it was sent (same day) I received a shipping confirmation. Shipment was trackable and delivered the next day. So perfect sale!

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