Mannequin Lewenstein Lady

Are you considering buying a mannequin? A Lewenstein Mannequin model Lady is among the best available in this field.

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Mannequin Lady Lewenstein, size 36 to 42 Model A
Mannequin Lady Lewenstein, size 40 to 48 Model B
Mannequin Lady Lewenstein, size 50 to 56 Model C
Mannequin Olivia, 30 to 38
Mannequin Olivia, 36 to 42
Mannequin Olivia, 40 to 48
Mannequin Lady Valet Small black
Mannequin Lady Valet Medium Black

Lewenstein mannequin Lady in different sizes available

This Lewenstein man nequin is beautifully finished and of very good quality. The competitively priced Lewenstein mannequin can be used for all kinds of creations. Think of jackets, blouses, skirts, dresses and sweaters. The Lewenstein mannequins stand on a sturdy frame, so the clothes fit easily on the mannequin. We can recommend that you consider a Lewenstein mannequin model Lady if you are planning to take your garment making to the next level. After all, with a decent mannequin, you can retry the adjustments you have made to clothing without any problems and as often as you want. Just try that with a less willing live model! Lewenstein is a company that knows how to make a good mannequin. Each Lewenstein brand mannequin is sturdily made for many uses and has the right sizes for each creation. There are three models available: mannequin model A for sizes 36 to 42, mannequin model B for sizes 40 to 48 and mannequin model C for sizes 50 to 56

Cheap mannequin

Everyone wants to buy a cheap mannequin of the Lewenstein brand that can make you the right size for all your home-made clothes Lewenstein mannequins are very cheap compared to the competition, the quality is very good. At you can choose from a very large collection of inexpensive mannequins in all sizes. If you buy online we will deliver the cheap Lewenstein Lady mannequin for free at your home. This way you can immediately adjust the new mannequin to the right size so you will always have the right size ready in the future. Ordering online is very easy with always a quick delivery.

What size Lewenstein mannequin do I need?

We often get the question which lewenstein mannequin you should choose. For the right size you need to check in which size you fall, there are three models available:

Lewenstein mannequin model A, size 36 through 42

- Neck width 33 to 43 cm-
Upper width 84 to 104 cm-
Waist width 65 to 85 cm-
Hip width 91 to 112 cm

- Back length 37 up to 42 cm -
Maximum height 185 cm

Lewenstein mannequin model B, size 40 up to and including 48

- Neck width 33 to 43 cm-
Upper width 100 to 119 cm-
Waist width 80 to 100 cm-

Waist width

104 to 124 cm

- Back length 38 to 43 cm- Maximum height
190 cm

Lewenstein mannequin model C, size 50 through 56

- Neck width 33 to 43 cm-
Upper width 115 to 135 cm-
Waist width 97 to 117 cm-
Hip width 119 to 137 cm

- Back length 40 to 45 cm-
Maximum height 195 cm

What do you do with a Lewenstein mannequin?

A new Lewenstein mannequin model Lady is a life-size model in the shape of a torso and is used as an aid when sewing clothes. A Lewenstein mannequin is also suitable for sewing pants. A Lewenstein mannequin can be adjusted with a dial to the size of the person for whom the clothing is being made. A dial is used to change the neck width and there is also an integrated pin cushion on top of the body. The Lewenstein mannequin is covered all around with fabric.

Using a Lewenstein mannequin model Lady prevents a person from having to fit unnecessarily many times. It is also very useful for the sewist when she has to make clothes for herself to see how her piece falls, especially on the back side.

suitable for pants and skirts
Comprehensive size indication
13 size buttons
Adjustable height
Adjustable back length
Always the ideal fit
Skirt gauge with playback clip

to assemble

Ideal for fitting garments such as dresses, jackets, blouses, skirts, Pantaloons