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Looking for a good embroidery machine? Huissteden.nl has a wide range of embroidery machines that you are sure to get along with.

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Brother Innov-is M340ED
Special Price 777.00 Regular Price 899.00
Brother Innov-is F540E
web only
Out of stock
Special Price 1,099.00 Regular Price 1,299.00
Brother Innov-is M380D
Bernette b70
web only
Special Price 1,349.00 Regular Price 1,499.00
Brother Innov-is 870 SE
web only
Special Price 1,299.00 Regular Price 1,599.00
Singer SE9185
web only
Brother Innov-is 880E
Special Price 1,499.00 Regular Price 1,799.00
Pfaff Creative Ambition 640
web only
Janome MC550E LE + Digitizer Junior
Brother Innovis 2700
Special Price 2,499.00 Regular Price 2,899.00
Brother Innovis V3 Limited Edition
Special Price 2,999.00 Regular Price 3,499.00
Bernina 590
Brother Stellar Innov-is XE2
Brother VR
Brother PR1 1-needle embroidery machine
web only
Bernina 790 PRO
Bernina embroidery module L
Special Price 1,099.00 Regular Price 1,199.00
Bernina Embroidery Module M
Special Price 899.00 Regular Price 999.00

Want to buy embroidery machine?

At Huissteden.nl you will not only find the best and cheapest embroidery machines, but we also have the largest collection. We are originally a physical store, which you can find in the characteristic town of Barneveld. Here we have been established for many years, with a large number of regular customers who know how to find us faithfully. The webshop Huissteden.nl is an extra service from us for our customers. Here you will find the same dedication to our products that our regular customers do know about us.

Difference of embroidery machines

Some embroidery sewing machines can only do embroidery. These embroidery machines (also called stand alone) are dedicated exclusively to machine embroidery. Thus, they cannot do what a normal sewing machine can. Combi embroidery machines, (often these are in the slightly higher end) offer sewing and embroidery in one. So these combo machines can do everything. They have a removable embroidery unit, so the machine can meet any sewing need.

Which embroidery machine should I buy?

Choosing a new embroidery machine can be confusing. There are a dizzying number of model choices and features available. There are several things to consider when buying an embroidery machine. Including, of course, the cost of the embroidery machine (how much are you willing to spend for it), how large can the machine embroider. Many cheaper embroidery machines are limited and can only embroider a small area and embroidery machines in some higher end, can often embroider a whole lot bigger. Different embroidery machines come with different sizes of embroidery designs. Some have many more than others. Do you want a combination or a stand-alone embroidery machine.

Bernina embroidery machines

The Bernina embroidery machine has the best technology and with endless embroidery possibilities. With extra space thanks to the unique free arm when embroidering.

Brother embroidery machines

For everyone who pursues excellent and creative embroidery on the same machine, the Brother embroidery machines a perfect choice.

Accessories for your embroidery machine

If you want to buy embroidery machine accessories then you have come to the right place. Huissteden.nl has many embroidery machine accessories in stock. Consumers often want an extra hoop. These are of course available in different sizes. For embroidery you also need good quality embroidery thread from Madeira, Brother or Isacord, among others. We also have good bobbin thread from recognized brands, which you can spin on an embroidery machine bobbin. We also have a very wide range of embroidery fleece in our collection. If you want to design your own embroidery designs we have embroidery software from Brother or Bernina. Do you prefer to take a heavy embroidery machine with you in a trolley? Of course you can! We have several sizes in stock. Needle blunt? Then we have the right embroidery needle in house. Or are you looking for a specific part such as a foot pedal, stitch plate, bobbin case or lighting? At Huissteden.nl you will always find the right product.