Maintenance and Repairs

Does your sewing machine need a repair?

Does your sewing machine needle break frequently or does the sewing thread constantly bunch up? Does the machine no longer transport the fabric or does it produce smoke? Then your sewing machine needs quick maintenance!!! We check and (if it's still possible) repair your faulty sewing machine in our workshop so that it works properly again.

Why do I need to have my sewing machine repaired?

Often a repair to your sewing machine is still worthwhile, and it also saves you money compared to a new sewing machine. Often a customer is used to the old sewing machine she has been working with for years and then it will be nice that we can repair it again for you.

Is a service required on a sewing machine?

New sewing machines need less and less maintenance, this is because there are more and more plastic parts in the machine. Older models do need more maintenance because of the metal parts in the sewing machine (these also need oil). But it can always happen that dust gets stuck in the machine, or that the looper needs polishing, with a loose V-belt the machine doesn't run very well either. Of course during maintenance we also look at thread tension, looper time, bearings, transport, needle bar, stitch selection and test the machine so that it is 100% perfect again. So for the preservation of your sewing machine it is important that it gets a good maintenance regularly.

What brands are repaired?

In our well-equipped workshop, our specialized mechanics work expertly and can repair almost all brands of sewing machines, as long as we can get the parts. We have almost the most common parts in stock.
  • Babylock
  • Bernette
  • Bernina
  • Brother
  • Husqvarna Viking
  • Janome
  • Juki
  • Lewenstein
  • Pfaff
  • Singer

Where do our customers come from for sewing machine maintenance

Good maintenance is important, customers come from everywhere like:
Amersfoort, Baarn, Barneveld, Bennekom, Biddinghuizen, Bilthoven, Blaricum, Buschoten, Bussem, Driebergen, Eemnes, Ede, Elspeet, Ermelo, Garderen, Hardewijk, Hilversum, Hoevenlaken, Huizen, Laren, Leusden, Lunteren, Maarn, Naarden, Nijkerk, Nunspeet, Renkum, Rhenen, Scherpenzeel, Spakenburg, Utrecht, Veenendaal, Woudenberg, Zeewolde, Zeist and Zwolle

Avoiding and remedying sewing machine malfunctions

  • top and bobbin thread are threaded correctly
  • the needle is inserted correctly
  • the sewing computer is clean (remove thread residue)
  • the looper path has been cleaned
  • there is no thread caught between the tension discs
  • the bobbin in the bobbin case runs well and no thread remains are caught

Skips stitches
  • wrong needle in the machine? A stretch needle has a medium ballpoint point. A thickening behind the eye and a somewhat flatter butt prevent this needle from skipping stitches.
  • blunt or bent needle
  • wrong needle inserted

Upper thread breaks

  • upper thread tension too tight
  • needle blunt or crooked
  • poor quality thread (knotted, old or dried out thread)

Bobbin thread breaks
  • bobbin thread tension too tight
  • bobbin thread jams in the bobbin case, check bobbin and replace if necessary
  • dull or bent needle

Needle breaks
  • needle holder screw not tightened properly
  • fabric was pulled forward under the presser foot instead of backward
  • when sewing over thick areas, the fabric slid while the needle was inserted (use jeans foot)
  • poor quality thread; poorly twisted thread or thread with knots)

Seam not nice
  • thread residue between the tension discs
  • thread residue under the spring of the bobbin case
  • bobbin thread still in the finger of the bobbin case
  • incorrect threading; check top and bobbin thread
  • use appropriate thread guide disc

Sewing machine does not run or runs too slowly
  • plug not connected properly
  • main switch is set to "0
  • sewing machine comes directly from a cold room
  • bobbin mechanism still engaged
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