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A punch machine opens up a world of very different techniques. In fact, you can almost paint on fabric and wool with a punch machine....

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Babylock Embellisher punch machine
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Want to buy a punch machine?

If you buy a punch machine, you will discover a very old art of felting and let your artistic inspiration run wild. A punch machine looks like a sewing machine but you work without thread and punch everything together. Felting is done with special needles. Needles with barbs on the sides to intertwine two or more fabrics, mixing their colors and textures to create a completely new and unique material, without thread or spool. For centuries, fabric and felt artists have created their works of art by hand, which is a precise and intensive process. With a felt/punch machine, you can become an art master within minutes and quickly achieve professional-looking results with ease.

What is punching?

With a punch machine, you can use almost all types of textile processing and techniques. Punching is technique what they also often call painting with textiles. It is originally an industrial technique. By puncturing with needles fitted with barbs, you weave loose, natural fibers. An electric punch machine with one or more needles, which allows you to quickly and effortlessly process fabrics and loose fibers into a wide variety of workpieces.

Want to try out a punch machine?

If you have seen the Babylock Embellisher punch machine, you will naturally want to try it first and preferably as soon as possible. To be sure you can try out the punch machine in Barneveld, it is advisable to make an appointment tel: 0342 - 491591 and we will make sure your desired Janome punch machine is ready for you.