Roller Knife

Rolling knife for cutting fabrics. Its very thin cutting blade with a razor sharp rolling blade that can cut multiple layers of fabric with high accuracy.

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Prym hobby knife
Prym Patchwork and Quilting starter kit
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Prym cutting mat for rotary cutter
Prym Patchwork Ruler 1 x 6 inches
Prym Patchwork Ruler 4 x 14 inches
Prym ruler stops
Prym Patchwork Ruler 6 x 24 inches
Prym Patchwork Ruler 4½ x 4½ inches
Prym Patchwork Ruler 6 x 6 inches
Prym Patchwork Ruler 9½ x 9½ inches
Prym Patchwork Ruler 12.5 x 12.5 inches
Prym Patchwork Triangle in CM
Prym Patchwork Ruler 3 x 30cm
Prym Patchwork Ruler 15 x 60cm
Prym Patchwork Ruler 10 x 45cm
Prym Patchwork Ruler 15 x 15cm
Prym Patchwork Ruler 6 x 12 inches
Prym Patchwork Ruler 4 x 8 inches

Rolling Knife from Prym

The Prym rolling knife can cut through multiple layers of fabrics due to its very sharp blade. The rolling knife is very precise when cutting fabrics both forwards and backwards. It is suitable for right- andleft-handers. Another highlight is the patented safety system: the knife guard of the Prym winder automatically slides back when pressure is applied to the blade. When the blade is at rest, the guard is automatically pushed back over the blade. Perfect for patchwork, quilting and other sewing projects! The rubber grip on the roller knife keeps it from slipping. When cutting with the rolling knife, it is recommended to use an and ruler. How long a Prym knife stays sharp depends on how often you use it and the type of fabric you cut and whether you use a good cutting mat. These mats are made with a special coating so that the rotary cutter will not become blunt when cutting.

Cutting thick fabric and stuffing

It works easily to cut thick materials with a larger rotary cutter of 60mm from Prym. Designed to slide neatly through multiple layers of fabric, as well as thick quilting materials such as batting and foam, this roller cutter is guaranteed to help you keep rolling.

Very fine cutting in curves

A slim 28mm Prym cutting blade makes freehand cutting of intricate patterns. Easily cut out tight curves and quilting applications, but it can be even smaller with the 18mm Prym mini rotary cutter and works perfectly for the smallest details.